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The richest newcomers in the Senate. We are examining the assets of new senators

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In terms of the value of accumulated assets, none of the senators who are holding this mandate for the first time in their lives can compare with the head of the left-wing Labor Union, Waldemar Witkowski. Several million zlotys in savings and real estate worth over PLN 27 million make this politician the richest among Senate debutants.

As a result of the parliamentary elections of October 15, 2023, 34 people were elected to the Senate who had never previously held a senatorial mandate. 12 are from the Civic Coalition, eight from the Left, seven from Third Way, six from Law and Justice, one is in the Senate group of Independent and Self-Government. We analyzed their asset declarations as we had previously checked statements of 117 debutant MPs in the Sejm.

First of all, let us remind you: the publication of asset declarations of parliamentarians results from the Act on the exercise of the mandate of MPs and Senators, and the asset declarations of parliamentarians are public by virtue of this Act. They are obliged to show the state of their assets at the beginning of the term of office, during it (as at the end of each year) and at the end of the term of office. The amounts we present in the list are given as they are recorded in the asset declarations – some are given down to the penny, others are rounded. Amounts in foreign currencies are converted at the average NBP exchange rate as of October 31, 2023. The given values ​​of individual assets are estimates – due to inaccuracies that may have occurred due to the way the declarations were completed. Senators often provide the approximate value of their assets or accumulated savings.

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10 senators with the highest income

When calculating the income of senators, we took into account all the components that they provided in their asset declarations – i.e. parliamentary salaries and allowances (some of them were previously MPs of the 9th term), remuneration for work, income from business activities, income from shares in companies, dividends. , income from farms, etc. Senators are obliged to enter all these components in box IX of the asset declaration “Other income obtained from employment or other gainful activity or occupation, specifying the amounts obtained from each title” and in boxes III-VIII which concern income from shares, shares in companies or business activities.

It can boast the highest income achieved for 10 months of 2023 Leszek Galemba with PiS – in total, more than that PLN 1.2 million. This amount includes his parliamentary salary and allowance – PLN 189,000. PLN, the remaining million is income from the farm, various types of agricultural subsidies, including PLN 500,000. subsidies for pig producers and PLN 199,000 PLN from the sale of the tractor.

He is second on the list Jacek Trela from the Third Way – he earned almost 655 thousand zloty from legal activities and from lease. Next on the list is also a Third Way senator Gustaw Brzezinwhich he declared he would achieve in 2023 486 thousand zloty income in connection with serving as the marshal of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.

Next on the list are the 10 senators with the highest income Mirosław Różański from the Third Way – almost 470 thousand zloty income; Waldemar Witkowski from the Left – 469 thousand zloty; Ryszard Brejza with KO – 466 thousand zloty; Jolanta Piotrowska with KO – 443 thousand zloty; Adam Bodnar with KO – 436 thousand zloty; Waldemar Pawlak from the Third Way – 399 thousand zloty; Andrzej Dziuba with Independent and Self-Government – 373 thousand zloty.

Rookie Senators with the highest earnings Senat.gov.pl

10 senators with the largest financial resources

Those submitting asset declarations are obliged to show the state of their finances, i.e. how much money they have in their accounts, how much in cash, in foreign currencies, and how much in securities (including investment or insurance funds, bonds, and Individual Pension Accounts). . All this information is listed at the very beginning of the declaration of assets in the “monetary resources” column.

The senator outperforms all Senate novices in this respect Waldemar Witkowski, leader of the Labor Union. His cash resources can be estimated at over PLN 5.3 million – declares that he has PLN 5.3 million (in his declaration he wrote this amount as PLN 5,300 thousand) and PLN 1.5 thousand. euro and 100 (0.1 thousand) US dollars. Additionally, he owns shares of Elektrociepłownia Będzin, but their value cannot be assessed based on the provisions in his statement.

750 thousand zloty these are the senator’s monetary resources Jacek Trela; 710 thousand gathered the senator Andrzej Dziuba from Independent and Self-Governing. Next on the list is a senator Leszek Galemba from PiS – 554 thousand zloty. On the other hand Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz with KO it has 548 thousand zloty; Grzegorz Schetyna he has KO on his account 546 thousand zloty (PLN 530 thousand and EUR 3.6 thousand); Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska – 469 thousand zloty; Ryszard Brejza430 thousand zloty; Andrzej Kalata from PiS – 411 thousand zloty; Małgorzata Sekuła-Szmajdzińska from the Left – 396 thousand zloty.

Rookie senators and their savings senat.gov.pl

10 senators with the most expensive real estate

In their asset declarations, parliamentarians are obliged to list the real estate they own: houses, apartments, plots of land, farms. In section II of the declaration, they should provide not only their area, but also their value. Most often, people declared that they owned a house, an apartment and a recreational plot in community property with their wife or husband.

And here again, the senator is at the top of the list Waldemar Witkowski, who is also the president of the Housing Cooperative. Hipolit Cegielski in Poznań. The declared value of all the real estate of the Labor Union senator – two apartments, agricultural land, plots, a building, garages and rights to the building worth PLN 2 million – is PLN 27.8 million.

Real estate of senator Waldemar WitkowskiSenat.gov.pl

The senator’s properties are worth half of this amount Leszek Galemba PLN 13.25 million. Together with his wife, the senator owns an over 260-hectare farm, the value of which he estimated at PLN 12.2 million. The remaining over PLN 1 million is the value of two houses, an apartment and farm buildings.

PLN 5.2 million is the estimated value of the senator’s property Jacek Trela – four apartments that he owns or co-owns and a house.

The list of senators with the most expensive real estate also includes: Tadeusz JarmuziewiczPLN 4.75 million; Grzegorz Fedorowicz from the Third Way PLN 3.63 million; Grzegorz SchetynaPLN 2.4 million; Ryszard BrejzaPLN 2.2 million; Anna Bogucka from PiS – PLN 2.1 million; Waldemar Pawlak from the Third Way – PLN 2.1 million; Piotr Woźniak from the Left – PLN 1.97 million.

Rookie senators with the most expensive real estate Senat.gov.pl

Senators are obliged to provide “movable property worth over PLN 10,000” in their asset declarations. The most scrupulous were the farmer senators: Leszek Galemba from PiS and Marcin Karpiński from Nowa Lewica, who listed in this column the machines and equipment they have on their farms. Most often, however, in the section regarding movable property, senators entered the make and year of production of their cars, often without specifying their value. Therefore, we omit this asset in our list because it would be difficult to estimate its value and compare it due to incomplete data.

Movable property of Senator Leszek Galemba Senat.gov.pl

So who is the richest debutant senator and has the greatest wealth (had the most)? Without a doubt, the senator Waldemar Witkowskiwhose monetary resources and real estate properties have a total value PLN 33.1 million. After him there is a senator Leszek GalembaPLN 13.8 million and senator Jacek TrelaPLN 5.950 million.

Main photo source: Marek Zakrzewski, Marcin Obara, Paweł Supernak/PAP

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