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The richest people in Germany. List

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There are more billionaires in Germany than ever before, “Manager Magazin” reports. Currently, there are 213 of them, which is 24 more compared to the previous year. The richest 100 together have over 722 billion euros – 19 percent more than last year. Leading the list are Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt, major BMW shareholders.

Billionaires in the statistics are not always individuals, but also the result of the combined family wealth, writes the daily “Rheinische Post” on Monday, summing up the new list of the richest Germans.

The richest Germany. List

And so “Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt are at the top of the list of the 500 richest Germans, who are better known to the public as the main shareholders of the BMW car manufacturer” – informs RP. The siblings are worth over 34 billion and, according to the data, for the first time in three years, they ousted the Reimann family from the first position, which through the holding holds large shares in the American perfume group Coty.

Lidl’s founder Dieter Schwarz (EUR 33.5 billion) ranks second, ahead of logistics entrepreneur Klaus-Michael Kuehne (EUR 33 billion) and Reimann (around EUR 29 billion).

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The RP portal points out that the stock market value of BioNtech, a company producing vaccines against coronavirus, has increased by 300 percent since October 2020.

“Everything happened very quickly and both the founders of BioNtech and the large co-owners of the group benefited from it” – writes the portal.

On the one hand, these are the twins Andreas and Thomas Struengmann, who once founded the pharmaceutical company Hexal, and whose BioNtech shares of around 50 percent are owned by the investment company AT Impf.

On the other hand, there are BioNtech founders Ugur Sahin and his wife, Özlem Türeci, whose assets after the great success of their company are estimated at EUR 13.5 billion. “

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