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The river of fire is flowing again. Evacuation of the city. Volcanic eruption in Iceland

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Another eruption occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. On Wednesday afternoon, lava began flowing from a fissure near the city of Grindavik. It was necessary to evacuate residents and tourists visiting the nearby Blue Lagoon swimming area. Since December last year, increased volcanic activity has been recorded in the region.

According to Icelandic broadcaster RUV, the eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula began on Wednesday just before 1 p.m. local time. Strong seismic tremors have been occurring in the area for several hours, prompting emergency services to start evacuating people from Grindavik, the Svartsengi power plant and the Blue Lagoon thermal baths, popular among tourists.

An elongating crack

Benedikt Ofgeisson from the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) said that the fissure from which the lava is flowing is about 2.5 kilometers long and is still getting longer. Lava flows towards the Hagafell cone and Grindavik. Lava gushes to a height of 50 meters.

According to a statement from Ulfar Ludviksson, the local police commander, the evacuation of Grindavik, the Blue Lagoon and the power plant took place without any major problems. Only three city residents refused to leave the city despite the rescuers' recommendations, but so far the services have not decided to forcibly evacuate them. The only people who have gained access to the eruption site other than emergency services are journalists.

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Gudjon Helgason, a spokesman for Isavia, the operator of Kefjavik airport near Reykjavik, said that “the eruption is not expected to affect air traffic.” As he explained, the IMO issued a forecast for the spread of volcanic dust and ash, based on which it was decided to maintain air traffic.

Another such eruption

This is the fifth volcanic eruption in this area in the last six months. Due to increased volcanic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula, the construction of embankments began there in November 2023, which are intended to protect houses and critical infrastructure from lava. The barriers protected the city during the previous eruption in March. Residents of the city of Grindavik, as well as the Blue Lagoon bathing area, were also evacuated earlier.

Main photo source: Almannavarnadeild ríkislögreglustjóra@Facebook

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