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The Road Transport Inspection will carry out inspections in transport companies. He is looking for Belarusian and Russian capital

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Inspections have begun in some transport companies throughout the country. – Companies that probably have Belarusian or Russian capital have been selected – Alvin Gajadhur, the chief road transport inspector, announced on Thursday. Numerous services and institutions participate in the activities. Among others, the National Revenue Administration and the Border Guard.

The head of ITD, Alvin Gajadhur, announced during the Wednesday conference that over 60 companies with headquarters in five cities: Białystok, Biała Podlaska, Częstochowa, Wrocław and Poznań were selected for the first stage of the inspection.

– In addition to ITD, other services and institutions participate in these coordinated activities. This National Revenue AdministrationBorder Guard, National Labor Inspectorate and Construction Supervision said Alvin Gajadhur.

Virtual transport activity

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He emphasized that the selection of controlled enterprises was carried out on the basis of an analysis of information collected in available databases.

– Companies that are located at the same addresses were selected, because unfortunately it happens that several, several or several dozen entities operate at one address and inspections are carried out by, among others, demonstrate or exclude the conduct of the so-called virtual transport activity – said the head of ITD. He added that a number of other aspects related to the functioning of the company are also checked.

– As the Road Transport Inspection, we focus on checking matters related to transport activities – noted Gajadhur.

Hundreds of trucks with nowhere to park

He reminded that in accordance with the applicable regulations, in order for an entrepreneur to obtain a permit to practice as a road transport operator, he must meet a number of requirements. It must be established and operating base, where there must be parking places for vehicles, places for loading, unloading and service. – The companies we have identified have operating bases that are not too large. However, the number of vehicles they have at their disposal often runs into hundreds. These vehicles don’t really have anywhere to physically park. According to the applicable regulations, parking spaces must be guaranteed for one third of the vehicles declared by the company, including is subject to control. We check whether these operational bases physically exist and whether they are able to accommodate the appropriate number of vehicles – said the chief road transport inspector. He also ensured that in addition to the control of headquarters and transport bases, ITD inspectors check the necessary lists and declarations, professional competences, certificates of professional competence, declarations regarding persons managing transport in the enterprise, financial capacity and whether these persons are not punished.

Control of drivers’ working time and their legality

As the head of the ITD informed, at the same time, the inspectors are also conducting a comprehensive check on the drivers’ working time, whether the company has the appropriate licenses, what vehicles it has, what transport it performs, how many drivers it employs and whether all aspects related to the employment of drivers are met. – If there are gross irregularities, we can suspend or withdraw the permit to practice as a carrier for such a company. The inspections started today will be continued. We want to conduct these inspections also in other cities and locations, because there can be a lot of information we have about those companies that are registered in our country and may have Belarusian and Russian capital, said Gajadhur.

– It’s a broad control. It applies to driving time, stopping time, breaks, daily rest or night work of drivers. But there are other very important areas that also overlap with the activities of other services. This is especially the cooperation with the Border Guard and the Road Transport Inspectorate. It involves inspections of the legality of employment of foreigners. Still citizens Russia whether Belarus is affected by such irregularities as illegal stay, illegal employment. This aspect of control is very important. The labor inspectors we have appointed for these inspection activities specialize in these issues. The remaining area, which we also cover with activities, is the issue of whether employment contracts are concluded correctly, or whether civil law contracts were concluded in accordance with the regulations and whether the provisions of the Labor Code are not violated – assessed Deputy Chief Labor Inspector Dariusz Mińkowski.

Main photo source: Lubusz police

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