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The rulers return to anti-German rhetoric. “If they don’t do anything, you have to hit the same drum again”

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At the time when Prigozhin’s men were halfway to Moscow, the Polish government was in Bogatynia, at the very western edge of the Commonwealth. During the rally, Law and Justice politicians spoke of a strong Poland and an enemy that could threaten us. This place was not indicated by Russia, but by Germany, which is no longer surprising to opposition politicians.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited the eastern border on Sunday. He spoke about Russia as an aggressive and barbaric country, and how on Saturday he consulted the situation related to the rebellion of the Wagner Group with Western allies. – The European Union is our great ally. It is a place where we are, we will be, we have good relations, we have friendly relations with the vast majority of countries – assured the head of the government on Sunday.

However, on Saturday in Bogaty, neither the head of government nor other PiS politicians spoke so warmly about the European Union or its neighbors. They were looking for the enemy and those who help him. – This hidden German option in Polish politics – the scythe hit the stone. We will not let her go any further, said the prime minister.

The enemy has been defined – according to opposition politicians, we have a repeat of history, because 800 plus did not work, and voters – contrary to government propaganda – realized that the hands of United Right politicians are reaching deeper and deeper into their pockets. – When nothing goes well and does not go well, you have to hit the same drum again: the bad European Union, the bad European Commission, they will not order us, we really know what is best – believes Tomasz Trela, an MP from the Left.

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Ziobro about the Berlin-Brussels dictate

At the rally, Jarosław Kaczyński argued that the United Right wants Poland in the European Union, but not as it is. He claimed that he wishes all our neighbors well, but there are those who are not happy with Poland’s success. – This success, which makes some of our neighbors very nervous, especially one neighboring country, and makes the people of this country even more nervous here in Poland – indicated the PiS president.

If anyone had any doubts about who it was, the Law and Justice coalition partner quickly explained it, using comparisons and words from the times of the war. – Turów has become a symbol, a symbol of Polish resistance to the Berlin-Brussels dictate – emphasized Zbigniew Ziobro, the leader of Sovereign Poland.

Not Moscow, not an aggressive neighbor who has been waging an open, bloody war in the east for years, and Berlin and Brussels are the ones who, according to the United Right, threaten us and say so because of whom Poland has still not received billions of euros from the KPO.

– Since they will not restore the rule of law and democracy, a story will be told in a moment that if we no longer have this money, why do we need this Union – believes Izabela Leszczyna, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

On Saturday, Adam Bielan – according to the opposition – one of the most discredited politicians of the right, accused by his colleagues of influencing the situation at the National Center for Research and Developmentwhere millions of zlotys were taken out, he said what he associated with Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s speech about the future of the European Union. – I had an irresistible impression that the words spoken a year and a half ago by President Kaczyński about the desire to build the Fourth Reich are unfortunately very accurate – said the PiS MEP.

All these words of PiS politicians were addressed to the West cooperating with Poland. Meanwhile, the war and the aggressor is in the east.

Main photo source: PAP/Artur Reszko

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