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The runaways. At war with the sect. The new discovery + Originals documentary series in the Player

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“Runaways. At war with the sect” is a new documentary series of discovery + Originals. The production reveals the shocking story of three women who managed to break out of one of the most active cults in the world – Children of God. The title is now available on Player.

Children of God is a sect, founded in the 1960s in the United States. Over the years, its followers and gurus have reached 130 countries around the world. Created by David Berg, a traveling preacher and self-proclaimed prophet, it started out as a utopian Christian community with a message of love. But over time, her ideas became more and more controversial and beyond the law. This made the organization interested in state and law institutions on many continents.

“Runaways. At war with a sect” – description

Series “The runaways. At war with the sect“tells the story of three British women – victims of the sect. Although they were born as part of a cult family, they managed to free themselves from the influence of the leaders. After escaping from a religious group, they decided to fight for themselves and for others. By revealing their shocking stories, they brought the perpetrators to the dimension justice.

Each episode is a record of testimony from women, other victims and detectives investigating what is happening behind the closed doors of the Children of God organization. All this is enriched with previously unrevealed video materials revealing the backstage of the global investigation.

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“Runaways. In a war with a sect” – the authors

The production of “The Runners. At War with the Sect” was commissioned by Clare Laycock on behalf of Charlotte Reid. Discovery is executive directed by Romy Page, Mentorn is executive produced by Bernie Kay, series editor Alicia Kerr, and series director Hugh Ballantyne.

The series’ Runaways. At war with the sect “debuted on October 3 on player.pl. You can also watch it on TVN24 GO.

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