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The Russian Minister of Health visited Hungary. “We are grateful to the Russian Ministry of Health”

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The Hungarian authorities hosted the Russian Minister of Health. He was hosted by the chief of diplomacy. Hungary is building a nuclear power plant with the Russians and is not bothered by the fact that the Russians have mined a power plant in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian intelligence. Nor, apparently, that the Russian military for loans taken in Hungarian banks, spin their interests.

When Russian politicians are completely isolated in the West, surrounded by the so-called sanitary cordon, the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation pays a visit to a country that belongs to the European Union and NATO as if nothing had happened. Neither a lower-ranking official nor even the local minister of health accepts him, but the head of diplomacy himself. It all happened on Wednesday in Hungary.

During the press conference of both ministers, most was not about health, but about the Paks nuclear power plant, which is being built for Hungary by the Russians. – We have made many changes to the case to speed up the investment in Paks. We will treat any foreign legal or political moves that try to slow down Paks as an attack on our sovereignty,” said Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister.

Hungary defends the controversial power plant as independence, although it will make it even more dependent on Russia for energy. The government of Viktor Orban is not bothered by the fact that the main contractor of the investment is Rosatom – a company that closely cooperates with the Russian defense industry and participated in the illegal takeover of the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. Budapest is the main brake on the demands that the Russian nuclear sector be covered by EU sanctions.

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Thanks to Paks, the Kremlin will be able to continue to undermine the coherence of the EU energy policy. – We must not give up the 2030-2031 deadline. The more so that in the face of the energy crisis, only those countries that are able to produce a significant part of the consumed energy are safe. The sooner this happens, the sooner we will be safe, stressed the Hungarian chief of diplomacy.

Orban: Ukraine is not a sovereign country, Putin is not a war criminalMichał Tracz/Fakty TVN

Thanks to the Russian minister

After the meeting, Peter Szijjarto, on Facebook, thanked the Russian Minister of Health for providing Hungary with the controversial, unrecognized Sputnik V vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Regardless of the geopolitical situation, we are grateful to the Russian Ministry of Health, which enabled us to save a million people with vaccines Sputnik, back when we were still waiting for vaccines from other sources. We will never forget that,” he wrote.

The head of Hungarian diplomacy, Viktor Orban’s right-hand man, regularly meets with Kremlin politicians. He willingly and often travels to Russia – recently in mid-June he was brilliant at the economic forum in St. Petersburg. Now he says his government wants “reasonable and pragmatic cooperation with Russia.” The politician condemns the war, but does not call it a Russian invasion. He is blackmailing Ukraine by saying that Hungary will block the next tranche of EU aid if Kiev does not remove Hungary’s OTP bank from its list of “international sponsors of the war.”

The largest commercial bank in Hungary serves several million customers in 11 countries, including Russia. According to the Ukrainian services, the bank is to offer preferential loans to the Russian military.

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