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The Russians are regrouping their forces. They gathered over 100,000 soldiers in the Kupańsk-Łymański sector

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The Kupanya-Łymański section became a priority for the offensive of Russian forces. This is where the fiercest fighting takes place, Ukrainian military analyst Dmytro Snegiryov told Espreso television.

As the expert stated, the special importance of the Kupanya-Łymański section for the Russians is evidenced by the fact that the Russians concentrated over 120,000 soldiers in this place. The number of Russian soldiers in the Bakhmuck direction – recalled Snegiryov – was about 50,000.

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Dmytro Snegiryov also said that in the vicinity of Kupyansk (in the Kharkiv Oblast) and Lyman (in the north of the Donetsk Oblast), liberated by Ukrainian forces in the fall of last year, the Russian occupiers identified “fire activity.” Over the last 24 hours, the positions of Ukrainian forces have been shelled multiple times in this section.

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The towns of Kupiansk and Lyman on the map of Ukraine Google Maps

The analyst also said that heavy fighting was taking place near the town of Makeevka in the Donetsk Oblast. – There are tactical successes of the occupiers, who have advanced several hundred meters, Snegiryov said.

Russian soldiers. Illustrative photo Ministry of Defense of Russia/Telegram

New enemy target

Spokesman of the Eastern Group of Armed Forces Ukraine Ilya Yevłash said on Thursday that the situation on the Kupany-Lymany section is currently more difficult than on the Bakhmucki section. The enemy’s new target is Makeevka, Yewłash announced. He added that as far as the Bachmuk section is concerned, fierce fighting continues in the area of ​​the railway line.

Main photo source: Ministry of Defense of Russia/Telegram

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