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The Russians blew up the dam in Nowa Kakhovka. Polish Humanitarian Action appeals for support

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The Russians blew up a dam in Nowa Kakhovka on Tuesday, as a result of which parts of southern Ukraine were flooded. The evacuation of residents in areas controlled by Kiev is underway. The Polish Humanitarian Action, which helps those in need in Ukraine, appeals for support.

Ukrainian authorities announced on Tuesday morning that The Russians blew up the dam of the hydroelectric power plant in Nowa Kakhovka. The hydroelectric power plant located on the dam was completely destroyed. The water level in the reservoir is falling rapidly, and the evacuation of the areas below the dam at risk of flooding is underway.

According to the Ukrainian services, the reservoir will probably be emptied by Friday, which means that thousands of inhabitants of the region still have a very long and difficult time ahead of them.

Destroyed dam in Nowa KachówkaPLANET LABS PBC/Reuters

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Appeal of the Polish Humanitarian Action

Due to the difficult situation in the region of the Kherson Oblast, the Polish Humanitarian Action, an organization that helps those in need, i.a. In Ukraineshe called for support.

You can support PHO with special collection and by website of the PAHand by bank transfer to the account number: 02 2490 0005 0000 4600 8316 8772 with the note “I help with PAH”.

“Due to the destruction of the dam of the Kachowska Hydroelectric Power Plant in Ukraine, the Polish Humanitarian Action will provide life-saving immediate aid. Support will be provided to flood victims who evacuate to Mikołajów,” the organization said.

“The organization appeals for financial support and solidarity with Ukrainians,” it added.

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“The people of southern Ukraine, so severely affected by the ongoing war, have been hit by a new disaster. On Tuesday, June 6, the dam on the Dnieper, part of the Kakhovskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant, was destroyed, releasing masses of water that flooded a large part of the Kherson Oblast. Thousands of private homes were destroyed, institutions and infrastructure facilities” – continued.

“The flood wave also carries mines that pose a deadly threat to residents and rescue services. In addition, it is very likely that the Dnieper River, a reservoir of drinking water for many regions of Ukraine, will be contaminated” – the PAH indicated.

“We are talking about people who have lost all their possessions today”

“A total of 80 towns were completely or partially flooded by the flood. Many of them will be uninhabitable until the dam is repaired – which can take from 2 weeks to several months. According to estimates, up to 16,000 people will be forced to seek shelter in Mikołajów , Dnieper, Kiev or Odessa” – it was written.

“- We are talking about people who have lost all their possessions today. We expect that when fleeing the flooded areas, they will take with them only the most necessary things – says Joanna Szukała, PAH’s activities coordinator in Ukraine. – We must help them survive the next, very difficult weeks and months,” it said.

“Help will be provided to residents of the Kherson region from flood-affected towns, who will be evacuated to Mikołajów. The Polish Humanitarian Action will provide them with immediate (hot meals, drinking water) and long-term (financial and non-food assistance)” – informs the Polish Humanitarian Organization.

Evacuation of residents from flooded areas in KhersonPAP/Vladyslav Musienko

“- No one in the Polish Humanitarian Organization has any doubts: it is our duty to support the inhabitants of Ukraine in this tragic moment – says Helena Krajewska, spokeswoman for the Polish Humanitarian Organization. – We are here and we know how to help effectively and quickly. We hope that the Polish society will will once again show its solidarity.” – quotes the statement of the organization.

“The situation is very dynamic, and the needs may change over time, so the Polish Humanitarian Organization will keep the public informed about further actions” – concluded

Main photo source: PAP/Vladyslav Musienko

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