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The Russians shelled Konstantynówka. Three people died, including a child. There are no military targets in the village

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Russian rockets destroyed a gas station and a residential building in Konstantynówka, several kilometers from the front and near Bakhmut. Three people died, including a child. Paweł Szot, a reporter from “Fakty” TVN, was there.

On Sunday, traces of the Russian Smerch missile were still visible on the street in the center of Konstantynówka. The rocket hit an apartment building. Three people were killed and more than a dozen were injured, including a small child.

– Someone was shouting that the girl was dead. I was crushed by the door, but I heard everything. My heart was literally breaking. Everything has been destroyed, there is a lot of dust around – says Walerina, a resident of Konstantynówka.

There are no Ukrainian soldiers in the area. According to the residents, they do not have any facilities used by the military. In addition to residential houses, there is also a factory and an ethnographic museum in Konstantynówka, which is currently used as a distribution point for humanitarian aid.

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Ukrainian offensive

This was not the only attack on Konstantynówka in recent days. A Russian rocket also hit a gas station. – There was no sound and suddenly explosions. Everything started shaking. So much dust rose up that it was not known where to run – says a resident of Konstantynówka.

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Many residents of Konstantynówka are used to the war that has been going on for several months, but even they claim that the last few days have been extremely hot in the village. Everyone in Ukraine is talking about the upcoming Ukrainian military offensive. Some analysts say that the offensive is in fact already underway and started a few days ago.

Everything that happens in the Donbas is covered by secrecy. The Ukrainian army is doing everything to prevent the Russians from finding out about its intentions.

Russian air attack on TernopilReuters

Main photo source: TVN facts

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