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The scandal surrounding the Justice Fund. The case of MP Marcin Romanowski. Krzysztof Bosak and Katarzyna Lubnauer comment

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– If we hear that the charges against MP Marcin Romanowski mean a sentence of up to 15 years, I don't think anyone has any doubts that these are really serious crimes – said Deputy Minister of Education Katarzyna Lubnauer (KO) in “Kropka nad i”. Commenting on the scandal surrounding the Justice Fund, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Krzysztof Bosak (Confederation) noted that “the expenses from all the distribution funds launched by PiS have not been disclosed.”

On Wednesday, the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General Adam Bodnar submitted to the Sejm a request for consent to the prosecution PiS MP, former Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski to criminal liability and for his arrest and provisional arrest. The case concerns an investigation into the Justice Fund.

– I will be happy to read the application. For now, we have not been given it to read, said the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Krzysztof Bosak. – It seems to me that such matters should be transparent and if they reach the media, everyone should have the opportunity to read the application – he added.

– First of all, these tapes that we can listen to tell us a lot – said Katarzyna Lubnauer, deputy minister of education. – This is recorded by Mr. (former director of the Tomasz Justice Fund) Mraz. Among other things, there is a conversation with Mr. Romanowski. If we hear that these charges mean a sentence of up to 15 years, I don't think anyone has any doubts that these are really serious crimes, she noted.

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– Of course, we will make a decision before the vote – she added. In her opinion, however, “it all looks very bad.”

Read also: “All these crimes are punishable by imprisonment of up to 15 years.”

“PiS hoped it would never lose”

Commenting on the scandal surrounding the Justice Fund, Bosak said that “PiS and Sovereign Poland launched distribution programs, passed laws for it, they believed that if they had a law, they were using public money, as if it was their fund for self-promotion.”

– We in the Confederation believe that this goes beyond the basic principle that should bind all politicians, i.e. the principle of economy. I believe that we must not treat public money as private money. However, PiS had a different opinion on this subject. We will see whether the current coalition has a different view here, he said.

He noted that “expenditures from all the distribution funds launched by PiS have not been disclosed at this time.” – We are fed with bits of information – he said.

– According to my information, the distribution fund in Orlen at the end of PiS's rule reached one billion zlotys a year. We know nothing about the spending of this fund. We also know nothing about its liquidation. We only know about changes in Orlen. We know that huge funds were leaked from PFR, BGK, and many State Treasury companies that were to launch their own politically controlled foundations. And the expenses of all these entities have not been disclosed – said Bosak.

“We are fed with crumbs of information”TVN24

He noted that Confederation supports “a decisive settlement of all irregularities and crimes.” – And where there was only mismanagement that was not a crime, we consider it a minimum standard to make the accounts public. The same from RARS (Government Agency of Strategic Reserves – ed.), which reported to Prime Minister (Mateusz – ed.) Morawiecki. The same from the funds of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (Chancellery of the Prime Minister – ed.), which increased by tens or hundreds of millions of zlotys. All this should be made public, said the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm.

According to Katarzyna Lubnauer, “all this indicates that PiS hoped that they would never lose and that no one would ever check what they were doing.”

Krzysztof Bosak had a different opinion. In his opinion, PiS was hedging itself in case it lost elections. – And precisely because they took into account that they would lose, it was launched villa plus program. These are like two qualities. First, they ate with, let's call it, a small spoon, that is, here a few tens of thousands, here a few hundred thousand. However, a villa plus was an entry into the transfer of property, securing yourself for generations to be the owner of the property – said the Confederation politician.

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