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The scout oath without “God” – the Polish Scouting Association offers an alternative. ZHP chaplains protest

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The chaplains of the Polish Scouting Association criticized the possibility of choosing the content of the scout oath introduced by the authorities of the Polish Scouting Association. There are two versions since the May Congress of the Polish Scouting Association: one tells about serving God and Poland, the other does not mention God. According to the chaplains, such a change serves “to diminish the importance of the generally understood spiritual development in ZHP”. In a statement, they judged that such a choice amounted to “discrimination” and “intolerance”.

Chaplains Polish Scouting Association Last week, they referred to some of the decisions made at the ZHP congress in May, including changes to the scout pledge. The delegates at the convention decided to add an alternative version of the rota. The current wording of the promise was:

I have a sincere will with my whole life to serve God and Poland, to provide willing help to my neighbors and to be obedient / obedient to the Scout Law

The alternative content is instead:

I sincerely have the will to serve Poland with my whole life, to uphold the principles of scouting, to help others willingly and to obey / obey the Scout Law

Scouts will now be able to choose between these versions. This choice, however, did not appeal to the ZHP chaplains, who in the published statement assessed that the changes introducing an alternative version “make the entire educational process at ZHP inconsistent”.

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“We have the impression that they were made on the basis of the choice of the so-called lesser evil. The sanctioning of the release from the service of God undermines the identity of the Polish scout, violates over a hundred-year-old tradition of scouting created by Baden-Powell and Andrzej Małkowski’s scouting, which was clearly oriented towards God and values Christian “- argued the scout chaplains.


Chaplains about “intolerance” and discrimination “

In the letter, they also noted the changes in the rationale of the Luke promise. “Removing the spiritual reference to God contained in the formula ‘Gosh loves God and Poland’, which is the first point of the Law of Gosh, is an action that exhausts the hallmarks of intolerance, and can even be perceived as discrimination consisting in open de-Christianization in the educational system from the beginning, i.e. from the formation the youngest members of the Polish Scouting Association “- they assessed.

According to them, “over time, it will result in the atheization of members of the Polish Scouting Association and conflicts not only of moral but also ideological basis”. “By throwing out the word ‘God’ in a democratic vote, this time deprived of the majority of Catholic cheers and their parents, at least of any choice,” said the chaplains.

Scouts. Illustrative photoBartosz Banka / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

“Quo vadis ZHP?” the chaplains ask

The chaplains, emphasizing that they negatively evaluate both changes, further wrote that “they have no logical justification, but are primarily used to remove Christian values ​​and to diminish the importance of the general spiritual development in ZHP, which is, after all, an important element of the comprehensive development of the scout and scout”.

“It is sad that many Instructors, who declare their affiliation to the Roman Catholic Church or other religious associations, have so easily agreed to throw God out of the basics of upbringing and shaping young members in the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association. Today, the correct question is: quo vadis ZHP? ? ” – asked in the summary of the message.

At the same time, the instructors and instructors of the Polish Scouting Association were asked not to give up “seeking God, serving God”.

Attempts to remove “God” from the oath have already been made by the Polish Scouting Association. The alternative oath was in force in the years 1990-1995. This idea was revisited in 2015.

Main photo source: Bartosz Banka / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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