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The season for vipers is in full swing. Rescuers advise what to do after being bitten

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It’s viper season. In the Tatra Mountains, a 14-year-old was painfully convinced of this. The bite is certainly not a pleasant one, and it can even be dangerous for the lives of allergic people.

Rescuers in Nosal helped a 14-year-old girl who claimed she was bitten by a viper. The girl was taken to a hospital in Zakopane. After tests and a day-long observation, she was discharged home, but not always the meeting with a viper ends so well.

– Within a few years, we had similar situations, even those where there was an allergic reaction after being bitten by a viper, and such a patient required antitoxin administration – informs Małgorzata Czaplińska, deputy director of treatment at the Poviat Hospital in Zakopane.

The hospital in Zakopane has the necessary dose of serum due to its location, because in the Tatras, and not only there, the season for vipers is in full swing.

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– We can meet vipers practically from the May weekend. They appear in the fields. They are especially dangerous in the morning or late afternoon when it is cooler. Because they are lethargic, they escape more slowly – indicates Tomasz Zając from the Tatra National Park.

Several days ago in Magurka in the Beskids, a snake bit a GOPR rescuer. – We had to go through a meadow with tall grass and there the rescuer probably stepped on a viper. She was bitten. She spent a week in the hospital on strong painkillers after administering the serum – said Adam Tyszecki from the Beskid GOPR Group.

What to do when a snake bites us?

The production of venom takes a long time and consumes a lot of energy, which is why the viper saves it. Only every third bite is poisonous. It can be deadly for allergic people, children and the elderly. – The venom of the zig-zag viper does not pose a direct threat to a healthy adult, however, in the event of a bite, we should immediately go to the hospital – explains Bartosz Nadolski, herpetologist, Zoological Garden in Warsaw.

The lifeguard advises what to do if, after contact with a viper, you notice two characteristic wounds within a centimeter of each other. – We wash it so that this venom can flow somewhere. If we have something to stiffen, we stiffen the limb as in the case of a fracture – explains Adam Tyszecki from Grupa Beskidzka GOPR.

In addition, we do not apply a tourniquet and do not suck out the venom. Raise the limb up and calm the victim down.

Dogs are victims of vipers more often than humans. They are smaller, so less resistant to venom. In their case, you need to act quickly. – If the dog has an advanced stage of hematuria, bloody vomiting, severe edema, such a shock reaction, treatment is much more difficult – points out Aleksandra Paczkowska from the “Byrnów” Veterinary Clinic in Katowice.

Adders attack people as a last resort – when they are stepped on or crushed. They are useful, protected animals. For their sake and ours, it’s best to stay away from them.

What to do when a snake bites us?TVN24

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