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The second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Demonstrations all over the world

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From Sao Paulo, through Berlin, to Tbilisi – residents of dozens, if not hundreds, of cities demonstrated their support for Ukraine on the second anniversary of full-scale Russian aggression against this country. In Italy, the Roman Colosseum was symbolically illuminated with yellow and blue colors. In turn, two demonstrations took place in Serbian Belgrade: in support of Ukraine and in support of Russia.

Demonstrations in support took place all over the world on Saturday Ukraine on the second anniversary of the full-scale war initiated by Russia. In France Residents of, among others, Paris, Lille, Rouen, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Strasbourg took to the streets.

A crowd of people took to the streets also in Germany. According to police data, about five thousand people gathered in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The mayor of the German capital Kai Wegner (CDU), who spoke during the demonstration, called for more military support for Ukraine.

Demonstrations of support for Ukraine

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Abroad, demonstrations of support for Ukraine on the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion took place, among others, in USA (Washington), Canada (Toronto) or w Brazil (Sao Paulo).

There were also many symbolic gestures in Europe. In addition to the demonstrations that took place on the streets of the largest – and not only – cities, yellow and blue colors appeared on characteristic buildings. This was the case, for example, in Rome, where the colors of the Ukrainian flag illuminated the Roman Colosseum. Italian Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano wrote in a tweet with a photo of the ancient amphitheater that the Colosseum was illuminated with the colors of the Ukrainian flag to “remind Putin’s despicable aggression.”

In the center of Prague, the demonstration of support for Ukraine was attended by, among others, Petr Pavel, the president of the Czech Republic. – We are not talking about wanting to defeat Russia, no one wants to defeat Russia as a country, but we want Russia to leave Ukraine and allow it to develop freely. The same as was given to us, said the leader. Concerts were organized in Prague on the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. One of them was intended for the children of people who support Ukraine and refugees from this country.

Prague (Czech Republic). Demonstration commemorating the second anniversary of Russia’s attack on UkraineEPA/MARTIN DIVISEK

Similar demonstrations took place in Tbilisi (Georgia), Chisinau (Moldova), Bucharest (Romania), Athens (Greece) and many other places.

In Kiev, Ukrainians brought flowers, flags and lamps to the makeshift monument on the Maidan on Saturday.

Events commemorating the second anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine were also held in the capital of Hungary – Budapest. Several hundred people took part in the march in front of the Russian embassy. It included representatives of the Hungarian opposition.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán However, on Saturday he distanced himself from the outright pro-Ukrainian mood of Western countries. – We need a peace process to end this one conflict (in Ukraine) – said the head of the local government in a recording published on Saturday on the X platform. – We cannot accept the French, British or German point of view – he added.

In Serbia, there is support for Ukraine and Russia

Two separate demonstrations in support of Ukraine and Russia were organized on Saturday in Serbian Belgrade. The first one was attended by, among others, Ukrainian ambassador Volodymyr Tolkach in Belgrade, who admitted that he was “positively surprised by its high turnout,” reported the Danas daily. – “We would be grateful if Serbia tried to join the EU’s foreign policy and sanctions against Russia, but this is primarily a decision authorities in Belgrade, Tolkacz said.

Demonstration of support for Ukraine in Belgrade (Serbia)EPA/ANDREJ CUKIC

Several thousand demonstrators gathered in the center of Belgrade lit candles in memory of the victims war in Ukraine and honored their memory with a minute of silence. Flowers were also laid on Saturday in Novi Sad, where Russian oppositionists and anti-war activists organized a peaceful march.

At the same time, a protest was held in Belgrade by several hundred supporters of the Kremlin’s policy, who opposed the independence of Kosovo, unilaterally announced in February 2008, which Serbia has not yet recognized. – We will not liberate Kosovo without the Russians – said the leader of an organization linked to Russian paramilitary structures. During the demonstration, slogans were raised: “Long live Serbia, long live Russia”, “Long live Putin and Lukashenko”, and the “Z” symbol used by Russian troops during the war in Ukraine was presented.

Main photo source: x.com/g_sangiuliano, EPA/MARTIN DIVISEK, EPA/FILIP SINGER

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