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The second approach to the tender for green Aleje Jerozolimskie. At first, the offers were too expensive

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The second tender is launched to select a company that will design the new Aleje Jerozolimskie. The first one was canceled because the bids were too high and had “formal” defects. The companies have until August 23 to submit new proposals.

As reported in mid-July, in the previous tender, four companies volunteered to perform the task: Biuro Projektów Komunikacyjnych from Poznań, Biuro Projektów Metroprojekt from Warsaw, Progreg from Kraków and Safege from Warsaw. The offers ranged from PLN 3.6 million to PLN 5.8 million. However, all of them turned out to be too high in relation to the assumed budget. As we read in the justification of the decision, “the prices exceed the amount allocated by the contracting authority for the performance of the contract. The contracting authority informs that it does not have any additional funds for the contract”.

The second tender for the redevelopment of Aleje Jerozolimskie

The Municipal Roads Authority decided to repeat the procedure. As the city hall announced on Monday, it is about preparing a project for the complete reconstruction of Aleje Jerozolimskie on the section from the Czter 30-year-old roundabout to the de Gaulle roundabout and further to the entry to the Poniatowski Bridge viaduct.

The design of the new space on this two-kilometer section will be created in close coordination with the Polish State Railways, which plan to rebuild the cross-city tunnel using the opencast method and build a new station in the area of ​​Nowy Świat Street. “The project developed by ZDM is to be used in the process of reconstructing the railway line so as to introduce changes to the cross-city tunnel instead of reconstructing the existing state. The investment completion date will therefore depend on the railway work schedule” – reads the communiqué from the town hall. Interested companies can submit bids until August 23.

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We asked ZDM if there were any changes in the second tender. – The scope is the same as in the first tender. There are only minor procedural changes when it comes to choosing the offer, plus taking into account the questions raised in this first tender – assured us ZDM spokesman Jakub Dybalski.

In mid-July, road workers reassured that the tender was not in danger, and PLN 1.5 million was secured for the project in the budget. Mikołaj Pieńkos from ZDM, however, specified that this amount was estimated at the initial stage. He also emphasized that it was about a general reconstruction of a large section in the very center, including the reconstruction of the track, several signaling systems or the design of an underground passage. Road workers estimated that all this could cost about three or four million zlotys, but it is difficult for them to predict the price accurately, because they cannot compare with other similar investments. After the first tender was annulled, there was also a plan to ask councilors for additional money for the project at the next city council session, scheduled for August 26.

Aleje Jerozolimskie after the reconstruction. What will change?

Officials announce that Aleje Jerozolimskie after the reconstruction will look completely different than today. The division of the street will be different, with wide pavements and designated places for gastronomic gardens, and three meters wide bicycle paths on both sides. In each direction, the roadway will consist of a general traffic lane, a bus lane and a parking lane. There will also be green plantings.

Ultimately, instead of the Dmowskiego roundabout and de Gaulle’s family roundabout, ordinary intersections will be built, which will allow to regain pedestrian space and improve connections. There will be ground crossings for pedestrians in both locations. New zebras will also be raised at the height of ul. Pankiewicza and Bracka, at the Powiśle train station, as well as at the “Party House” (second access to the tram stop) and on the eastern side of the Czter 30-year roundabout. Tram and bus stops will be moved, lengthened and widened so as to ensure the greatest possible comfort for passengers and facilitate transfers.

This is how Aleje Jerozolimskie is to changetown hall

The new center of Warsaw

The reconstruction of Aleje Jerozolimskie is one of the elements of the New Center of Warsaw. This, as we read: “The program of transforming the central streets of the capital into a comfortable, friendly and sustainable urban space”. Last year, the central section of al. Jana Pawła II along with the Czter 30-year roundabout, and the Dmowskiego roundabout will pass in the next six months.

The Town Hall reminds that work is currently underway at Pięć Rogów Square and the western part of the central section of ul. Marszałkowska and the construction of the Museum of Modern Art near the Palace of Culture and Science. The competition for the reconstruction of the vicinity of Chmielna Street has already been settled and another competition has been announced – for changes in the area of ​​Złota and Zgoda streets. There are also plans to rebuild the square in front of the Palace of Culture and Science (the so-called Central Square).

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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