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The second season of “Rogue of the Dragon” right after the premiere of Max. “Everything will be better, bigger and bolder”

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Fans of “Rogue of the Dragon” have reasons to be happy, because the second season of the series will be available in a few days. The first season of the series broke popularity records, and subsequent episodes will debut on the new Max streaming service. The service starts on June 11, and the Polish premiere of the second season of “Rom of the Dragon” will be on June 17.

It will be a fight of words, intrigue, swords and dragons – a brutal game for the iron throne and succession. On the Parisian green carpet during the ceremonial European premiere, the stars assured that “Road of the Dragon” will offer viewers the best of what is on television. – After the first season, we became very attached to the story and the cast, so it was great to come back. It's like coming home, says actor Rhys Ifans, series Otto Hightower. The second season of the HBO series takes us again to Westeros, which this time is on the brink of civil war. The heroes will be divided into two teams – green, supporting King Aegon, and black, fighting in the name of Queen Rhaenyra.

– The second season will definitely include what people loved most about the first, but everything will be better, bigger and bolder – reveals screenwriter Ryan Condal.

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Dragons are also full-blooded characters

In an interview with “Fakty” TVN, the creators argue that the new season will be spectacular, surprising, bloody and fiery. There will also be more dragons – each of them is a separate character, has a different color, personality and rider.

– Dragons are great, I love them. We were suspended six meters above the ground. We had machines that imitated wind and rain. All this to make us really feel like we're flying, says actor Ewan Mitchell.

The production was shot in, among others, Great Britain and Spain. Several thousand specialists worked to create the world described in George RR Martin's book “Fire and Blood”. Thousands of costumes and props were created for the production, and long hours were spent on creating convincing make-up, special effects and sounds.

Official teaser of the second season of “Rogue of the Dragon”HBO Max

When will the second season premiere?

The distinguishing feature of “Rogue of the Dragon” is a gallery of well-written characters and an excellent cast, among which in Paris, at the ceremonial European premiere, there were no on-screen feuds. In the series, no character is clearly good or evil, love drives them as much as hate, and there is one goal – to conquer the iron throne and rule over great dragons.

The first season of the series broke popularity records. The story of the chosen and cursed dynasty allowed viewers to return to the world they knew in “Game of Thrones”.

Subsequent episodes will debut on the new Max streaming service. – We start on June 11, so in a few days. This premiere is literally a few days before and I think that such an opening of a new platform is absolutely unique – says Kasia Kieli, President & Managing Director of Warner Bros. Discovery in Poland and CEO of TVN.

The premiere episode will appear on the Max platform on June 17.

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