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The Sejm debated a civic project on in vitro reimbursement. Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan in the Sejm

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The citizens’ bill on in vitro reimbursement will go to the health committee. On Thursday late in the evening in the plenary hall, during the first reading, the desirability of this was discussed. Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, among others, spoke as a representative of the legislative initiative.

Pursuant to the draft amendment to the Act on health care services financed from public funds, the Minister of Health would develop, implement, implement and finance a health policy program for infertility treatment covering medical procedures of assisted procreation, including in vitro fertilization.

Agnieszka Pomaska ​​from the Civic Coalition, appointed to represent the Legislative Initiative Committee, stated that she had an exceptional honor to present a civic project on financing the in vitro procedure from the state budget.

– This debate is taking place at a unique time. On the streets of Polish cities and towns, thousands of Polish women and men supporting them fight for basic women’s rights, for the right to a safe pregnancy, she pointed out, referring to the demonstrations related to the death of a pregnant 33-year-old woman in a hospital in Nowy Targ.

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– It is worth recalling what else the last eight years of PiS rule deprived Polish women, couples and families of access to the emergency concept. Access to prenatal testing has been restricted. Access to the in vitro procedure, the most effective method of supporting infertility, has been restricted, said the MP.

– The then Minister of Health raised the argument that financing in vitro from the state budget is unconstitutional, because it breaks the conscience of many of these taxpayers – she reminded. – I have an urgent appeal to everyone in this room: take care of your own consciences first, and leave the consciences of others alone – she added, emphasizing that half a million people signed the project.

Pomaska: half a million people signed the projectTVN24

Płonka (PiS): in vitro does not lead to remission of infertility

Elżbieta Płonka from Law and Justice said that in the Sejm, we should talk about facts first and less about emotions. – The desire for motherhood is a natural desire and dream of the vast majority of women. Infertility is a condition that requires complex diagnostics, she said.

She indicated that naprotechnology treats or detects the causes of infertility, while in vitro does not lead to the remission of infertility. “It’s not a medical procedure and it doesn’t improve a woman’s health in any way,” she said. She argued, among other things, that only some of the embryos produced are used, and that the material often comes from an anonymous donor.

Law and JusticeAs a right-wing party, it is for life and for natural law, but having moral and bioethical reservations, it does not impose voting mode on deputies, leaving an individual decision, she informed.

Płonka (PiS): in vitro does not lead to the disappearance of the fact of infertility

Płonka (PiS): in vitro does not lead to the disappearance of the fact of infertilityTVN24

Wielichowska (KO): let’s go back to the reimbursement of in vitro treatment

Monika Wielichowska from the Civic Coalition reminded that the in vitro method has been known for over 40 years and millions of children have been born thanks to it. She pointed out that the number of couples struggling with infertility is growing in Poland.

– Let’s go back to the reimbursement of in vitro treatment. Let’s help 3 million young Polish women and men, let’s not reject the benefits of science, she postulated.

Wanda Nowicka from the Left declared that the Left strongly supports the civic project. She pointed out that her club submitted a draft on this matter over a year ago, but it does not even have a print number. She emphasized that in vitro is an effective method of getting pregnant, thanks to which at least 100,000 children were born in Poland.

Opposition for the reimbursement of the in vitro method

Opposition for the reimbursement of the in vitro methodTVN24

Dariusz Klimczak (KP) informed that the Polish Coalition supports the project. – The project is civic, but it must be said that the initiators are MPs from the Civic Coalition – he pointed out. Joanna Mucha from Poland 2050 thanked the initiators of the project, which – as she said – is “important, valuable and needed”.

Rozenek-Majdan: if not for in vitro, I would not become a mother

Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan also spoke as a representative of the Legislative Initiative Committee. “If it wasn’t for the opportunity IVF gave me, I probably would never have become a mother, and that’s the most important thing I can experience,” she said.

Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan appeared as a representative of the Legislative Initiative CommitteeAlbert Zawada/PAP/EPA

She appealed – among other things, as an activist and a patient – to the ruling majority to support the initiative so that the 500,000 people who signed the project and the 3 million who fight infertility would not be left alone.

Richard Terlecki (PiS) reported that the Marshal of the Sejm proposed that the bill be dealt with by the Sejm health committee. Nobody objected.

Rozenek-Majdan: if not for in vitro, I would not become a mother

Rozenek-Majdan: if not for in vitro, I would not become a motherTVN24

Main photo source: Albert Zawada/PAP/EPA

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