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The Sejm will deal with abortion bills. Kucharska-Dziedzic: it will be a debate about women's rights and their right to make decisions

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This will not be a debate about abortion, it will not be a debate about terminating pregnancy. It will be a debate about women's rights, their right to make decisions – said Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic (Left Wing) in “Fakty po Faktach”, talking about Thursday's debate in the Sejm on abortion projects. – I hope that tomorrow we will send all the projects and appoint a special commission to try to forge a compromise – said Michał Kobosko (Poland 2050-Third Way).

On Thursday, there will be a debate on four bills on abortion. Two of them were prepared by the Left, one by KO, and one by Third Way.

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The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” talked about tomorrow's events in parliament.

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Kobosko: I hope for a compromise

Michał Kobosko (Poland 2050-Trzecia Droga) was asked how his party would vote. – I will answer on behalf of the Poland 2050 parliamentary club. This is the agreement we have, we talked about it at the club, that we will vote for all projects to move forward after the first reading, so that a special committee can be established to consider these projects – he said.

– That's why we are sending, we will send, I hope, all the projects tomorrow and we will establish a special commission to try to forge a compromise – he added.

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The Third Way MP also spoke about the idea promoted by his party of solving the abortion problem through a referendum. – I do not understand these voices criticizing the referendum as a way of expressing the will of society. We believe that this is such a serious issue, so socially important, that giving all adult citizens a chance to vote is the most appropriate scenario, he said.

– We didn't come up with it, it was done by, among others, Ireland and other countries that decided that it was not only a matter of the decisions of members of parliament, and even more so in the Polish parliament, where there is a significant predominance of men, and rather older ones, we just need to give people a chance to express themselves, he added.

Kucharska-Dziedzic: it will be a debate about women's right to make decisions

When asked about tomorrow's vote, Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic said that “we don't know yet whether there will be a vote, because it depends on whether anyone submits a motion to reject one of these projects in the first reading.” – So if such proposals appear, we will check our votes – she added.

– The Sejm is unpredictable, it is theater. Someone can show their agency or send a signal to voters that they are irreconcilable and that we will not give any rights to women, so perhaps something like this will appear, she continued.

Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic and Michał KoboskoTVN24

– However, I deeply believe that parliament is a place to debate everything and for women to finally be able to debate their rights. And to submit all projects to parliamentary discussion, because this is the essence of parliamentarism, said the Left MP.

– This will not be a debate about abortion, it will not be a debate about abortion or termination of pregnancy. (…) It will be a debate about women's rights, about their right to make decisions, about their reproductive rights, ugly names, but at the same time about their subjectivity. And I think that if we recognize the dignity and subjectivity of women, this is an excellent platform to talk about all projects, she said.

Kobosko: decisions regarding the European elections coming soon

Michał Kobosko was asked whether Poland 2050 will run in the June elections to the European Parliament on a joint list with the Polish People's Party in the Third Way format. – This is the variant that is closest to us, and we have already talked about it many times. If the Third Way worked on October 15 and worked again on April 7, then one should ask why not follow suit and join the European elections – he replied.

He added that “these decisions will be announced publicly within days.” When asked whether Poland 2050 must “persuade” people to start the PSL together, he replied that “they convince, but they don't have to do much.” – Because PSL sees that this cooperation has been confirmed and proven for us – said Kobosko.

Referring to reports about the reconstruction of the government after the elections to the European Parliament, he said: – I read in the media that Third Way demanded a ministerial position due to the weaker result of the Left (in the local elections – ed.). I want to deny that nothing like that happened. We learned about it from the media, but such a fact did not happen and, what's more, it cannot happen today. There would be no point in any discussion today about renegotiating our contract. She is, she lasts.

Kucharska-Dziedzic: I think there will be no renegotiation

Marshal of the Sejm Hołownia was asked in “One on One” whether in a year and a half he will block the concept of a rotating Speaker of the Sejm, according to which he will be replaced by Włodzimierz Czarzasty from the Left in the middle of the term. – In a year and a half we will be in a different era. There will be presidential elections in May. Much can still happen along the way. I don't see any point in talking about it at the moment, he said. – Another thing is that the coalition agreement is not Holy Scripture. If it needs to be renegotiated, we will renegotiate it, announced the Marshal.

As Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic commented, “The Holy Scripture has also been subjected to critical analysis many times.” – But I think that the coalition agreement will not be subject to renegotiation. Just as there will probably be no changes in the government, she added.

– I don't think voters expect us to make changes every few months. Even when the result in one of the next elections is not the best, looking for reasons or pretexts for personnel changes, or changes in the coalition agreement or in the composition of the government itself, is probably a bit of media information, she said.

– Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who is responsible for the composition of the government, if he makes such decisions, will verify the work of individual ministers – she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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