The Senate pact “one hundred percent complete.” Cezary Tomczyk and Piotr Zgorzelski comment


The Senate pact is one hundred percent complete, all constituencies have been occupied, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Piotr Zgorzelski (PSL) informed on Wednesday in “Fakty po Faktach”. He noted that in the districts most unfavorable to the opposition, research is underway on which candidate is best to put forward. Zgorzelski and KO MP Cezary Tomczyk agreed that the names of candidates for the Senate will be announced by party leaders or with their consent only when the date of the parliamentary elections is known.

The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” on Wednesday were Deputy Speaker of the Sejm and secretary of the Polish People’s Party Piotr Zgorzelski and a member of the Civic Coalition Cezary Tomczyk. Both were asked by Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska, among other things, about the issue of the Senate pact before the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Senate pact “completed one hundred percent”

– I wanted to announce a really big success (…). (The Senate pact – ed.) is one hundred percent complete, all constituencies have been occupied. Only in a few places where there are so-called “PiS” constituencies, i.e. very difficult ones, we have tests to select the best candidates. It is a great success – emphasized Piotr Zgorzelski.

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Cezary Tomczyk and Piotr Zgorzelski in “Facts after Facts”“Facts after Facts”

When asked where Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski, who was supposed to run for re-election in the Senate in Warsaw, was to be moved to Lower Silesia, he replied: – Politics is also the art of compromise. We are able not only to negotiate good places for the Polish People’s Party (…), but also to understand the needs of our other partners. When asked whether only politicians from the Civic Coalition and the Left will run for office in Warsaw, he noted that “the leaders or we will talk about it when we are authorized to do so.”

– I made an agreement with chairman Tusk that the issues of the Senate, the issues of leaders will be announced by the party leaders, or possibly the leaders of individual groups – added Cezary Tomczyk. Both guests of “Fakty po Faktach” stressed that the party leaders were waiting to announce the date of the elections before giving their names. However, it is not known when this will happen.

What about the Third Way? According to Zgorzelski, a decision on this matter will be made on Saturday. In his opinion PSL will bet on the “Third Way coalition project”. – But life writes different scenarios, nothing can be ruled out – he noted.

“Lex Tusk”. “The president did two toe-loops with a triple axle”

Kolenda-Zaleska also talked to politicians about the agreement signed by the president on Wednesday Andrzej Duda amendment to the Act on a commission investigating Russian influences, called “lex Tusk” by representatives of the opposition.

As Piotr Zgorzelski said, it is not known when the commission will be appointed. – Yesterday’s meeting of the Presidium of the Sejm and the Council of Seniors did not concern this bill, because we did not know then whether and when the president would sign it. “Whether” we knew, but we didn’t know when. In the order that was adopted (on August 16 and 17 – ed.) this commission does not exist, but that does not mean that it cannot be changed. In my opinion, this will change so that the bunny chase continues – assessed the PSL politician.

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Paprocka about “lex Tusk”: Why now? Because there was a need at that momentTVN24

According to Zgorzelski, the “lex Tusk” act is “a disgrace of the Polish parliament (…), a PiS patent for settling the election results before they take place, but at the same time an act of collective indictment against the special services.” – If today, after eight years of rule, he has to use such a hybrid – because this commission meets the criteria of all three types of power – a commission must be appointed to find out about Russian influence, it is simply a disgrace – assessed Zgorzelski.

– From the very beginning, it’s just about getting Tusk. But first of all, Tusk didn’t give in, secondly, he even came to the parliamentary hall when this issue was being voted on. This bill has had its teeth knocked out. Today I think that they would even like to withdraw from it, because they simply compromised enormously – commented Cezary Tomczyk.

The KO MP assessed that the ruling party had not reached an agreement with the president on this matter. – The president made two double toe-loops with a triple axel: he signed the law, then said that he did not like this law, he sent his amendment, in the Sejm (…) the law that had been passed before was not resolved for several weeks. compromise, he added.

Belarusian helicopters over Poland. Tomczyk: there will be a motion to convene a special meeting

When asked about the reaction of the Ministry of Defense to the violation of Polish airspace by Belarusian helicopters, Cezary Tomczyk replied that in his opinion it was completely inadequate. – On August 1, on a special day for Poles, two or three helicopters with a red star fly into our airspace and the inhabitants of Białowieża are faster than polish army he noted.

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He stressed that aviation incidents happen all over the world, but “the key is to react”. – So that the Polish state, knowing that a war has been going on across our eastern border for two years, would react adequately to the situation and not lie to Polish society – he stressed.

A witness about Belarusian helicopters in Białowieża

A witness about Belarusian helicopters in BiałowieżaTVN24

According to Piotr Zgorzelski, politicians PIS “they stick out their breasts for orders, show what great defenders of their homeland they are, and in fact it is simply a disgrace”. “There is, or at least should be, an honor ability. And Minister Błaszczak is once again unable to use this honorary ability. The Minister of National Defense should not wait for the opposition’s request, but simply go out in front of the public and say: “I couldn’t do it, I completely discredited myself for the second time” – he said.

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Cezary Tomczyk announced that the opposition would submit a motion to convene a special meeting of the parliamentary national defense committee. “We want to clarify this matter, we want the public to know the facts, but this campaign will revolve around security (…). How can this government say that it ensures the safety of Poles, if it launched a missile over Poland, did not look for it for five months, no action was taken in this matter (…) and today we have a repeat of the entertainment? – He was asking.

Main photo source: “Facts after Facts”

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