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The services warned the PiS government against the merger of Orlen and Lotos. “It looks like there was a lot of pressure.”

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Saudi Aramco could have bought part of Lotos at a price lowered by as much as PLN 7 billion, but now it turns out that the services warned against this transaction. According to Borys Budka, the most important people in the country at the time, headed by Jarosław Kaczyński, must have known about it, and yet the merger of Orlen with Lotos took place.

The Minister of State Assets revealed on TVN24 that Polish services warned against the merger of Orlen with Lotos. Borys Budka, after reviewing classified documents of the Polish services regarding the purchase of Lotos by Orlen, says that the previous government was warned that it knew that the secret services had comments on this transaction, but – as he emphasizes – PiS ministers had nothing to do with it they know they didn’t do it. – They did not decide to block this transaction – Budka points out.

The minister cannot talk about the details because they are still classified. However, if there is the same information that was recently provided by the Supreme Audit Office, it would mean that the PiS government knew that it was selling part of Lotos to the Saudis at a greatly reduced price, that it was selling part of the gas stations and the Gdańsk Refinery to companies sympathizing with Russia and the entire transaction puts the state in danger.

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– My intuition tells me that the services in Poland were very opposed to this merger – comments Adam Szłapka, Minister of European Affairs, MP of the Civic Coalition.

Who knew the service reports?

So who knew the services’ reports? Borys Budka mentions Jarosław Kaczyński and Mateusz Morawiecki here. The minister also pointed to Jacek Sasin, who does not deny it. – I assessed that all the reservations do not invalidate this project – says the former Minister of State Assets, MP from Law and Justice.

Therefore, if the then minister knew about the services’ reservations, the question arises why he recommended the merger. – It seems that there was a lot of pressure both on the pace and on concluding contracts with specific entities – comments Robert Kropiwnicki, deputy minister of state assets, MP of the Civic Coalition. – Minister Sasin ignored the warnings because they did not fit the adopted political plan – suggests Mirosław Suchoń, MP of the Third Way.

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Orlen’s new supervisory board will first audit the decisions made by the previous management board. If any irregularities are detected, the prosecutor’s office will come into play and is already conducting proceedings regarding the merger. – This topic will have to be examined thoroughly – says Arkadiusz Myrcha, deputy minister of justice, MP of the Civic Coalition.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: it was not the merger of Lotos with Orlen, it was the privatization of LotosTVN24

PiS defends the transaction

PiS says it has nothing to hide. He downplays the Supreme Audit Office’s report and defends the merger. – It was a transaction carried out in the right way – said Mateusz Morawiecki, MP from Law and Justice, former prime minister. He said this even before Borys Budka revealed that Morawiecki also knew about the services’ reservations.

– There is more and more evidence that someone was making money on the side, and not everyone was looking after Poland’s interests – says Krzysztof Gawkowski, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs.


The new authorities will also decide what to do next with Orlen and its entire group. PiS and Daniel Obajtek turned Orlen into a colossus – they decided to join PGNiG, previously Orlen absorbed Ruch and bought Polska Press, a publisher of regional newspapers and portals. The fate of the Lotos-Orlen merger will also be in the balance.

– It can be undone, it is difficult, but I believe it is in the state’s interest – says Ryszard Petru, MP of Third Way. – This would be to great detriment for Poland and is probably legally impossible – says Marcin Horała, an MP from Law and Justice.

Orlen’s new supervisory board appointed Witold Literacki as acting president. The new management board is to be selected in an open competition.

Main photo source: TVN24

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