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The shark attacked the teenagers. “We thought they were having a good time, then it turned out they were in danger”

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The shark attacked two teenagers on the southeast coast of Australia. According to local media, the victims of the attack – a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy – survived and were taken to a hospital in Geelong city. Their condition is stable.

The attack occurred on Monday on a beach in the resort of Ocean Grove in the Australian state of Victoria. A 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy were bitten while swimming in the ocean. The witnesses of the incident rushed the teenagers to the rescue when they heard their screams. They were quickly pulled ashore. As reported by the locals, they were both bloodied.

“ At first we thought they were just having a good time in the water, then we found out they were in danger, ” said Dianne Hobbs, a former nurse who was on the beach with her family who gave the victims first aid, including stopping bleeding, before the ambulance arrived. – The girl had deep bite wounds on the right leg below the knee and right arm, the boy had minor back injuries – she added.

Australia. Shark attack

Authorities have confirmed that a shark has been seen near the beach, possibly a black fin shark. The beach has been temporarily closed, and the area where the attack took place is being patrolled by lifeguards on water scooters.

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Pieter Wildekamp, ​​the shark attack manager for the Victorian Fisheries Authority, said investigations would continue in the coming days.

“We’ll do a thorough search to find the shark, and only then open the beach,” he said.

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