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The shelter announced “Action Frost”. Within a day and a half, all the dogs found temporary homes

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Over 120 dogs from the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Krakow were placed in temporary homes. This was the residents’ response to the appeal to provide a roof over their heads during the upcoming frosts.

Winter and frost are difficult times for animals that cannot sit comfortably on their caregiver’s lap in a warm home. That’s why the Krakow shelter appealed to the city’s residents to give the dogs at least a temporary home if they can.

“Severe frosts are coming, the temperature is expected to drop even to minus 20 degrees. Due to the fact that some of our animals live in pens, we must urgently make room for them in a closed pavilion. We are asking for urgent help,” they wrote.

According to forecasts, the temperature may drop at the beginning of the week in places – in the east and south of Poland – down to -22 degrees Celsius.

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“Our halls are full of wonderful people.”

The interest exceeded our wildest expectations. – Since Friday, when we announced our campaign, 120 dogs have already found temporary homes – says Małgorzata Pałetko from the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Krakow.

“We don’t know if any words can reflect what we feel. There is a long queue before the shelter opens, our corridors are full of wonderful people with open hearts waiting to adopt a dog,” the shelter wrote on Saturday.

The interest was so great that there was a traffic jam on Rybna Street in front of the shelter.

– We are very positively surprised because we did not expect that the inhabitants of Krakow and the surrounding area would storm the shelter – says Pałetko.

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Even the guards adopted the dog

Even city guards were sent to the site to organize the traffic. – We just wanted to warn drivers who came to the shelter not to park anywhere they can – says Marek Głos from the City Guard in Krakow. Eventually, the guards took one dog with them. The choice fell on Mombaj, who got his own room at the police station.

As Paletko emphasizes, such a quick pace of releasing dogs is due to the shortened adoption procedure in the case of temporary homes. But that doesn’t mean the dogs ended up in temporary homes randomly.

– We try our best to match animals to people, because although we assume that these animals can come back – because we are realists – we keep our fingers crossed that at least some of them will stay with people permanently – says Pałetko.

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Record Saturday

As he says, “good days” are when he manages to breed a total of 20 animals. – I’m talking about dogs and cats. Yesterday showed us that we managed to breed 80 dogs – he emphasizes.

Much of this is due to MP Łukasz Litewka, whom the shelter thanked on social media. He, a specialist in this type of internet campaigns, publicized the campaign. He himself thanked the residents for their reaction.

“Thank you to the people, residents of Krakow and the surrounding area, who invaded the shelter. Who stood in queues for several hours, often whole families with children. Parents – What a beautiful lesson you taught them yesterday. Thank you for taking in the dogs. Thank you for your photos and reports of you pet them and they sit in warm rooms,” he thanked.

As he added, this Saturday should go down in Krakow’s shelter history. “‘Do you remember how at the beginning of 2024, nearly 100 dogs found a home in one day?’ – that’s what they’ll talk about someday,” wrote Litewka.

All dogs found a temporary home

The action in the Krakow shelter ended on Sunday afternoon. All dogs that could have been released under the temporary adoption procedure found a home. “There are no more dogs for adoption, you took all of them. I quote: Łukasz, the pens are empty, there has never been anything like this, what a sight,” we read in Litewka’s entry from 1:20 p.m.

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“Action Frost” is organized by the shelter every year. – It is dictated by the announcements of very low temperatures. With the current number of animals, we are unable to provide space for all the dogs inside the building, explains Joanna Repel, spokeswoman for the Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals, which runs the Shelter for Homeless Animals.

– We try to select animals to avoid a situation where we give away a difficult dog and a disaster occurs. We give away the nice, pretty, adoptable ones who have a chance to stay in these homes in order to make room for the more difficult ones, which are, for example, aggressive or do not accept other animals – added Joanna Repel.

Dogs for temporary adoption can still be adopted from the shelter in Borek.

Main photo source: KTOZ Shelter for Homeless Animals in Krakow

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