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The “Shop steward” application worth PLN 2 million, used by 8 people. The reaction of former Minister of Digital Affairs Janusz Cieszyński

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The “Shop steward” application, created in connection with the elections, cost PLN 2 million. Eight people took advantage of it, said Deputy Minister of Digitization Dariusz Standerski in an interview with TVN24. Former Minister of Digital Affairs Janusz Cieszyński reacted to these words, saying that this statement was “imprecise”. “The small number of reports means that there was little suspicion of irregularities,” he wrote.

– Almost PLN 2 million was spent, but eight people ultimately used the application – said Standerski in an interview with TVN24 reporter Radomir Wit.

“Shop steward”, an application worth PLN 2 million

He admitted that “this is not an impressive result.” He pointed out that “exactly 415 users registered in the application, but on election day only eight people used it.”

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– One person from Poznań, one from Opole, one from Warsaw, two people from the Silesian Voivodeship, one person from Olsztyn and one from the Piaseczno County benefited. So it can be estimated that the cost of this application, when divided by the number of videos, is approximately PLN 232,000 per video sent to the application – said the Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs.

The “Shop steward” application was intended to enable shop stewards to film the commission’s work during the 2023 parliamentary elections. Then he was in charge of the Ministry of Digital Affairs in the government Mateusz Morawiecki he was responsible Janusz Cieszyński.

Former Minister of Digital Affairs about the “Shop steward” application

“The application was created as an alternative to the system of recording voting in several dozen thousand electoral commissions, which generates enormous costs and organizational challenges,” Cieszyński wrote on social media in response to the video with Standerski’s statement.

He added that “all nationwide election committees submitted their trustees’ applications”, which means that “each of them was interested in being able to send the appropriate recording to the National Electoral Commission in the event of irregularities.”

“The application was built by the State Securities Printing House, wholly owned by the State Treasury, and was based on flexible cloud technology, thanks to which there was no need to purchase very expensive infrastructure, the use of which was uncertain. It was prepared so that it could be also use it in the next elections, paying practically only for the used disk space in the cloud,” described the former Minister of Digital Affairs.

He wrote that “the small number of reports means that there was little suspicion of irregularities.”

“This is a success of all those responsible for organizing the elections – the National Electoral Office, local governments, parties staffing election commissions and trustees who worked many hours so that each of us could be sure that the votes were cast and counted in a fair way,” Cieszyński noted. .

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