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The situation at the border. The inhabitants of Sokółka support the soldiers

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Inhabitants of border towns are concerned about the events in Kuźnica. The army is visible on a daily basis in many parts of the region, not only along the border. At the same time, they want to help those who guard the Polish border. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Less than four kilometers before Kuźnica there is the last checkpoint before the border with Belarus. Only services and residents of the area covered by the state of emergency may go further. The inhabitants of towns and villages further from the border also speak of a special time.


On the one hand, there are concerns, on the other hand, there is joy that the services are at every step. – The presence of the army increases the sense of our security. We can sleep peacefully – says Elżbieta Szomko, director of the School and Educational Center in Sokółka.

The school accepts the military

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The starost of the Sokolski poviat recalls the days when migrants crossed the border more effectively, and there were not so many services. – They were culturally alien people, with a different language, with a different skin color, behaving a bit differently, even arousing such fear. When the uniform appeared, the situation automatically calmed down – reports Piotr Rećko.

The soldiers slept in classroomsTVN24

The housewives’ clubs prepared cakesTVN24

Today, the army is visible in many parts of the region, not only along the border. – The school turned into a military unit. Over a hundred soldiers had the opportunity to stay here – describes Jarosław Budnik, director of the School Complex in Dąbrowa Białostocka.

The soldiers slept in classrooms. They also took up the canteen. – As we heard from the soldiers that they did not have a hot meal for three days, it is quite an exceptional situation. We wanted to help to ensure the conditions that would allow them to function normally – he adds.

Students support the soldiers

The students and their parents also helped. – We came up with the idea of ​​a collection to bring something warm, some cakes or cakes – says Anna Stankiewicz, a student of the School Complex in Dąbrowa Białostocka. – The funds from the class fee that we collected at the beginning of the school year were used to buy pizza – adds Stanisław Stroczkowski.

Today, the entire army and services thank you for the support they feel from the first day of their arrival in Podlasie. – The reflexes flowing from the heart were something extraordinary, because the groups of the village housewives started to bake cakes. It is such solidarity, it is such gratitude – explains Piotr Rećko.

Pizza for soldiers from studentsTVN24

– The support is needed the most and the moral and spiritual support is the most felt – argues the press officer of the 1st Podlasie Territorial Defense Brigade, Capt. Łukasz Wilczewski. Many people want to support the uniformed, but they also want this help to be no longer needed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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