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The situation at the border. The Left calls for children and families to be excluded from the state of emergency

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Members of the Left propose that children and families be excluded from the regulation on the state of emergency. – Today, the choice belongs to the minister, and we, as women, as MPs, urge him not to lack courage in this decision – said Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk at the press conference.

On Monday, over 20 migrants, including women and eight children, stayed in front of the Border Guard post in Michałów in Podlasie. On Wednesday, the spokeswoman for the Podlasie Border Guard Unit, Katarzyna Zdanowicz, said that the migrants were “under the procedure in accordance with the regulation”. When asked if this meant that they had been taken back to the border, Zdanowicz replied: – Yes, they were brought to the border line and now they are in Belarus.

What happened to the children from Michałów

What happened to the children from Michałów? TVN24 reporter’s reportTVN24

The Sejm agreed to 60-day extension of the state of emergency, which is in force in parts of the Podlaskie and Lubelskie voivodships. Ultimately, 237 deputies voted in favor of this solution, 179 were against and 31 abstained. The vote was preceded by a heated discussion.

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Mariusz Kamiński in the Sejm. Behind him, an MP with a photo of the child of migrants from MichałówTVN24

Left’s proposal to exclude children and families from the regulation

The Left proposes to exclude children and families from the state of emergency regulation. At the press conference, MEPs said that it could be done with “one signature”.

– Today we want to ask the minister and appeal to him to have the courage to stand in front of Polish women, Poles, mothers, fathers, families and say whether the Polish state will still transport children to the frost, barbed wire, wandering in the woods, or this gesture will make this one signature, it will issue this one decision concerning the repeal of the regulation or the exclusion of children and their families from its operation and will save the lives of other small children seeking protection – said MP Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk. – Today, the choice is up to the minister, and we, as women, as MPs, strongly urge him not to run out of courage to make this decision – she added.

Scheuring-Wielgus: we appeal to the consciences of Law and Justice deputies

Deputy Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus pointed out that on Thursday the Left had “30 seconds” in the Sejm to express its opinion on this issue. – I am a mother of three children and I think that I am not the only mother, I am not the only parent who sat and sits there in the plenary room – she said. – Looking at the right side of the Law and Justice party, people who very often have phrases about Christianity, about the family as the most important unit, these people behave in a strange and incomprehensible way to me – she assessed.

– These children who appear on the Polish-Belarusian border are no different from our children. These children should go to school in the morning now, they should get sandwiches from us, their parents, they should meet with their peers and should be happy that they can talk to a friend and a friend, but this is not the case – said the deputy.

– Therefore, as members of the Left, as members of the Left, we appeal to the consciences of the members of Law and Justice: ladies, you are mothers, you are grandmothers and we appeal to you – think what would happen if these children were yours – she appealed.

Biejat: this is a situation that can be solved by normal means

Deputy Magda Biejat recalled that “we have a bizarre situation in which, according to the law and with all procedures, you are arrested, transferred to a closed center, kept warm and served hot meals, criminals, and children and their families are put on a bus and taken to the forest” .

– Minister Mariusz Kamiński yesterday imputed to us and to the whole public opinion that we do not understand the threat on the Polish border. We understand them too well. We understand all too well what is going on there and it is clear to us that there is no excuse for the state of emergency, for keeping journalists out of the way, for push-backs, she said.

A group of migrants in front of the Border Guard building in MichałówAgnieszka Sadowska / Agencja Gazeta

A child of migrants in front of the Border Guard building in MichałówAgnieszka Sadowska / Agencja Gazeta

According to Biejat, “the situation on the Polish border is a situation that can be solved with normal means, with normal procedures, in accordance with Polish law, in accordance with Polish procedures”. – People who go illegally to Poland should be arrested, detained, transported to a center, checked who they are and simply act in accordance with the law. It is not just a question of a humanitarian approach. It is not only, but also to a large extent, a question of basic human values ​​and moral principles, but also a question of security and caring for the image of Poland – she said.

She added that thanks to such a procedure “those who may pose a threat can be checked by the services and detained”, and “those who need protection can obtain this protection”. – And Lukashenka and Putin will not have pictures that they enjoy so much today, in which a Polish border guard stands with a rifle over a preschooler – emphasized Biejat.

Main photo source: TVN24

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