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The situation in courts and prosecutor’s offices. Prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek and judge Krystian Markiewicz about repairing the justice system

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These must be compatible actions – this is what prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek said about repairing the situation in the courts and the prosecutor’s office in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. – It will be a little easier for the prosecutor’s office – she added. Judge Krystian Markiewicz said that the situation in the justice system in our country can be compared to a “burned house, ashes.” – We all have to help rebuild this house – he argued.

Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska’s guests in the Friday edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 were prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek from the “Lex Super Omnia” Association and judge Krystian Markiewicz, president of the Association of Polish Judges “Iustitia”, who talked about the situation in the justice system.

When asked whether it would be easier to “heal” the prosecutor’s office or the courts, Wrzosek replied that “these actions must be compatible.” – However, it will probably be a little easier for the prosecutor’s office, due to the lack of constitutional authorization. Here, an act is necessary to separate the functions of the prosecutor general and the minister of justice, she said.

– However, on the basis of currently applicable regulations, even in the form it leaves behind Zbigniew Ziobro and the so-called concreting of the prosecutor’s office, a lot can be done, the national prosecutor can be dismissed – the prosecutor noted.

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Wrzosek went on to say that “there are legal opinions, for example the latest opinion for the Senate Analysis Office, which show that the regulations introduced by Zbigniew Ziobro at the last glance are so ineffectively implemented, or introduced into the system so amateurishly, that The primary function of the Prosecutor General, as the body that heads the prosecutor’s office, will be preserved.

Is it easier to heal prosecutors’ offices or courts? Wrzosek: the prosecutor’s office is a little easierTVN24

Markiewicz: we must first stop the infection, i.e. stop the operation of the National Council of the Judiciary

Markiewicz, in turn, said that when rebuilding the justice system, we are “in a situation as if a house had been burned down, a fire pit.” – And now we all have to (help – ed.), just like helping someone who lost their home, and those who lost their home are citizens of the Republic of Poland. We all need to help rebuild this house, he said.

Wrzosek responded to these words by saying that “if we recognize that the justice system is an organism that is diseased and infected, then we cannot take substitute actions, supplement therapy, but decisive, precise, surgical actions are necessary.”

Markiewicz agreed with the prosecutor, adding that “we must first stop the infection.” – So we have to stop the operation of the National Council of the Judiciary – he proposed. – I say this as a judge who works in a large court: we will cope without the slightest problem if the National Council of the Judiciary were to not operate for even a year. We are fed up with judges. And there is a lot of work for the new Minister of Justice to finally shorten queues to courts, the judge pointed out.

– For example, if someone wants to get a divorce now, they will have to wait five or six years in Warsaw for a divorce. Then he waits seven years for division of assets. What does it mean? That if he has a five-year-old child, then when this whole thing ends, the child will be an adult – he said. – This is an embarrassment to the state – said the judge.

Markiewicz concluded that “either we all rebuild the house, or we all fail.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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