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The situation on the border between Poland and Belarus. Lukashenka on the activities of Poland and Lithuania

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Alyaksandr Lukashenka accused Belarus’s neighboring countries of pursuing a “policy of confrontation”. During the meeting with the heads of the power departments, he also spoke about “US troops in Poland” and “US bases in Ukraine”.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka called the situation with the migrants a humanitarian catastrophe, accusing the neighbors, including Poland, of introducing a state of emergency at the border so that “nobody would see how people die there”. – We need to talk about the situation at the border, and not only about what is happening with the migrants. We have other serious problems related to defense, said the Belarusian leader.

The heads of the Border Guard, the KGB, the Ministry of the Interior and the secretary of the Security Council took part in the Monday meeting.


Lukashenka claimed that entire corps of troops were deployed at the border in Poland. – It is clear that these troops are not deployed against the Germans. At the same time, these are foreign troops, primarily the USA. We can see that Lithuania is doing everything to show its dedication to NATO and the USA. But the saddest thing is Ukraine. A new front is opening up here, to say the old one, ‘pointed out Lukashenka.

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– Not only that, our friends (opposition politicians) ran there. There are a large number of training centers created there, where they are trained to work in the Belarusian faculty, as the secret services say – said Lukashenka about Ukraine. In his opinion, in Ukraine “US bases are actually being created under the cover of training centers”.

Alexander Lukashenkapresident.gov.by

Lukashenka: only bandits are sitting there, in Poland, in Lithuania

The Belarusian leader said that they agreed with the Russian President Vladimir Putin that “some steps must be taken”. – Otherwise, tomorrow we will have an unacceptable situation on the border between Belarus and Russia. Including missile deployment of adequate range, he announced.

The accusations against Minsk of triggering the migration crisis were called by the President of Belarus nonsense. According to Lukashenka, the neighbors are responsible for the transit of migrants. – They organize these people there, they finance them partially. They fly to us by plane using the visa-free regime. They are also accepted by appropriate people, led to the border, and transferred, he said.

– And there, in Poland, in Lithuania, there are only bandits who receive them. And they keep sending them back – to Germany – said Lukashenka.

In his opinion, this is a hybrid war led by the West. – You are waging a sanctions war against us and you want us to defend you here? It won’t. Let them fight against those who are not needed in Poland and Lithuania – he added.

Lukashenka argued that in Belarus’ neighbors, “the police, border troops and the army are forcibly expelling migrants like cattle to our common border. They are being beaten, frozen and sometimes dead to our side.” – The leaders of these countries make statements in which they accuse us of organizing the migration crisis. Moreover, they decided to mislead the entire international community with their accusations. Take, for example, the speeches at the UN General Assembly, said Lukashenka.

You can see what Poland is in the EU. They are under the US umbrella

In Sochi with a “private visit”

Last week, President Andrzej Duda made a speech at the UN General Assembly accused Belarus of leading a hybrid attack against Poland, Lithuania and Latvia by organizing illegal migration.

– You can see what Poland is in the EU. They are under the US umbrella. The Polish authorities cause the EU no less problems than us. And they put pressure on the EU, claiming that we are waging some kind of hybrid war against the European Union – said Lukashenka.

Over the weekend, the Russian media reported that Lukashenka was in Sochi on a private visit. Officially, the head of the Belarusian State Border Committee, Anatol Łapo, was officially on the delegation to Sochi on Friday. Details of this visit have not been released.

Since spring, the number of illegal migrants arriving in EU countries from Belarus has increased sharply. According to the EU, this is the result of deliberate actions by the Belarusian authorities, which make it easier for migrants from Iraq and other countries to come to Belarus and then cross the border in places where it is not allowed. In August alone, almost 2,000 people tried to illegally cross the borders with Poland. people.

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