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The situation on the border with Belarus. Politicians on changes in the law regarding the use of weapons by officers

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A Polish officer must “be sure that the state will be on his side,” said Borys Budka (KO) in “Kawa na Ława”. The program's guests talked about the draft law regarding the use of weapons by the services. – Migrants should be convinced that this border cannot be crossed, that they will simply be blocked there – said Marcin Przydacz (PiS).

During Wednesday's meeting, the government adopted a draft bill supporting the activities of the army, police and Border Guard. The document regulates, among other things, “the issue of using weapons in special situations.”

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The Prime Minister's Office indicated that “this concerns in particular the use of weapons or means of direct coercion by a soldier in violation of the rules in order, among others, to repel a direct, unlawful attack on the life, health or freedom of this soldier or another person” or “to prevent actions aimed at directly to an attack on the life, health or freedom of that soldier or other person.” The condition, however, is that in each of these cases the circumstances must require “immediate action.”

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This issue was discussed by the guests of “Kawa na ława” on TVN24.

Przydacz: the most important thing is practice

Marcin Przydacz (PiS) commented on the matter. – Let us remember that in today's legal situation, including in the Penal Code, there are counter-types which, for example, exclude necessary defense, i.e. in a situation in which someone is attacked, he has the right to fight off such direct attacks that threaten his life or health – he said.

– In this sense, there is no absolutely urgent need to further create regulations. Of course, we can and we will consider it here whether something needs to be clarified, but the most important thing here, in my opinion, is the appropriate practice, including judicial practice, of the activities of Polish prosecutors, and, unfortunately, the atmosphere surrounding these soldiers, he continued.

– This is simply a hybrid attack and what is most important, these migrants should be convinced that this border cannot be crossed, that they will simply be blocked there and they will not go through because it may affect their health – he said.

Przydacz: the most important thing is practiceTVN24

Booth: Officers must not hesitate

Borys Budka (KO), who spoke after Marcin Przydacz, said that “I can agree with almost everything that the MP talked about.” – Today we already have a law that clearly gives us the right to act in a state of extreme necessity, to defend ourselves. However, as you can see, the practice in Poland has not changed over the last eight years, he said.

He said that a Polish officer must “be sure that the state will be on his side.” – That is why the regulations need to be clarified. The Left has its comments, most of them correct, so I suspect that the government will work out a solution so that it does not raise any doubts and that these solutions can be adopted – he added.

He also said that officers of the Polish services, “if there is a direct attack, cannot hesitate so that there will be no such tragedies that a soldier, a Border Guard officer or a policeman will be afraid of responsibility and therefore a tragedy will happen.”

Booth: Officers must not hesitate

Booth: Officers must not hesitateTVN24

Mazurek: a soldier must have a sense of security

– These regulations are actually intended to clarify certain legal doubts that exist, certain inconsistencies, certain illogical issues that are written into law today, so that the soldier has a sense of security – said Sławomir Mazurek from the Chancellery of the President.

– Soldiers must protect their lives, they must have a sense of security, and this is what these regulations are for. And I think these regulations will be so precise. And in the best interests of us, we are doing just that – he added. As he said, “the soldier is well trained, the soldier knows that not only does he have sharp weapons at his disposal, but there are other means of direct coercion that he can use in specific situations and at specific moments.”

– Soldiers are often tired, they stand for a long time in various circumstances, because we see the border, we see dams, but there are also areas with rivers, where there is concertina (barbed wire – ed.), where soldiers simply stand in very difficult conditions. (…) That is why it is important that these regulations are so well defined and specific that they have no doubts about how to behave. And in my opinion, it is crucial today that soldiers act based on good regulations when making decisions, he said. He assured that “the Chancellery of the President will cooperate very strongly in this area.”

Mazurek: a soldier must have a sense of security

Mazurek: a soldier must have a sense of securityTVN24

Pasławska: this is one of the first steps

Urszula Pasławska (PSL-TD) said that her party “of course” supports this bill. – I think that the law will change on this issue, and this consent will be necessary not only in the coalition (government – ed.), but in the Polish parliament in general – she added. She stated that the project is “one of the first steps” in strengthening Polish security.

– We must strengthen civil defense, we must invite all gun owners to cooperate. The first agreement has already been concluded with the Polish Hunting Association, she continued. Regarding the regulations in question, she appealed: – Let's trust the Polish army, let's trust Polish officers, because I have the impression that we are turning them into people who are incompetent. I believe that they are competent and have procedures, they follow these procedures and today they protect us all.

Pasławska: this is one of the first steps

Pasławska: this is one of the first stepsTVN24

Żukowska about the proposed changes

Anna Maria Żukowska said that she “doesn't like” this shape of the regulations. – Therefore, together with the Minister (Family, Labor and Social Policy – ed.) Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, with the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Wiesław Szczepański, and with the Minister (for equality Katarzyna – ed.) Kotula, we worked on the amendments that we submitted during the meeting government, she said.

– We suggested that instead of “does not commit a crime”, we should write “not subject to punishment”. Because, according to Article 7 of the constitution, Poland has the principle of legalism, i.e. that all state bodies should act within and on the basis of the law. And here we admit that something is a crime, but we exclude certain groups, including the military, from any responsibility – she continued.

– In our opinion, the fact that the prosecutor could not even investigate whether a crime had occurred is not a solution – she added.

Żukowska about the proposed changes

Żukowska about the proposed changesTVN24

Nugget: An officer shouldn't be afraid to use a gun

Anna Bryłka (Confederation) said that “it is impossible to create perfect regulations, because if the situation requires immediate action, a Polish soldier, a Polish Border Guard officer, a police officer has the right to use this weapon and should not be afraid to use this weapon.” .

– We have very strong migration pressure now on the border. We know that very skilled immigrants are crossing this border. Perhaps they were brought there for a specific purpose. Polish soldiers cannot be afraid to use weapons and should use them. Sometimes it's just a few seconds when you need to make a decision. It won't always be a good decision. But perhaps sometimes there is not even time to open the regulations and check “whether I can use this weapon or not,” she said.

When asked whether Polish officers should be able to shoot at migrants crossing the border illegally, she replied: – No, warning shots first. When asked what would happen if the migrants did not respond to warning shots, she replied: – They should shoot them.

Nugget: An officer shouldn't be afraid to use a gun

Nugget: An officer shouldn't be afraid to use a gunTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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