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Monday, November 29, 2021

The situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. Transport industry: every day a truck stands in the queue at the border is a loss of several hundred euros

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The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border means high costs for the transport industry. As Andrzej Bogdanowicz, the general director of the Polish Association of Road Transport Employers, said, each additional day of standing in the queue at the border crossing by a TIR is a loss of several hundred euros on medium-distance transport. The border crossing in Kuźnica was closed on Tuesday morning.

According to Bogdanowicz, after the closure of Kuźnica, the transport moved mainly to the crossing in Bobrowniki, where the queue of trucks wanting to cross the Polish-Belarusian border was significantly longer. On Wednesday morning it was 39 hours, in the evening it was already 67 hours. they are ours – he said.


The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Problems of the transport industry

He added that the lines at the crossings with Belarus and Ukraine have always been, of course, but much shorter. – Meanwhile, since the emergence of the problem with illegal immigration, control procedures have become longer. They are more accurate, especially when entering Poland – he stressed.

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As he pointed out, in the case of medium-distance transport, each additional day of parking at the border means that the next week of the driver’s work, such transport is not included in the schedule. – The driver must take a weekly rest after 5 days of work, so if he has one day standing in the queue, he will not go on a similar route right away. And as carriers say, from this weekly earnings it is a loss of 50%. which is about a few hundred euros, or about 1.5 thousand in total. euro – explained the expert.

A queue of trucks to the border crossing in Bobrowniki PAP / Artur Reszko

He added that it is impossible to make up for this lost day. – The routes are selected in such a way that the driver makes two or one a week. When he does one, then the loss of one or two days means that the next week he will not travel anymore – emphasized Bogdanowicz. has decreased. He added that the reason is, on the one hand, the displacement of Polish carriers by Belarusian, Ukrainian or Russian companies, but also the situation with the embargo on Minsk, which the Russians take advantage of.

– Just a few years ago, Polish companies made over 1 million journeys a year to these three countries, now 30, maybe 40 percent. this, so the situation with the closure of the crossing in Kuźnica does not overturn our market – the expert assessed.

Crisis on the border. Closed border crossing in Kuźnica

Due to the migration crisis, on Tuesday at At 7 am the border crossing in Kuźnica was closed. Therefore, travelers are directed to other crossings: in Bobrowniki or Kukuryki (Koroszczyn), which is in the Lublin Province.

Checkpoint on the national road No. 19 leading to the Polish-Belarusian border crossing in KuźnicaPAP / Artur Reszko

Bobrowniki is currently the only border crossing in the region that supports road freight traffic. The neighboring crossing in Kuźnica is closed until further notice on Tuesday morning. Near this crossing, on the Belarusian side, there is a lair of several hundred migrants since Monday, there were attempts to cross the border by force.

On Wednesday morning, the waiting time for the clearance in Bobrowniki was estimated at 39 hours, with over 800 trucks queuing up. According to the data of the National Revenue Administration and Border Guard, in the evening the waiting time to leave Poland through this crossing was already 67 hours. And in the 25 km long queue there were 1.2 thousand. trucks.

Main photo source: PAP / Artur Reszko

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