The sky sparkled. Silver clouds in your photos


Last night, residents of parts of Poland were able to admire a unique spectacle in the sky. All thanks to the silver clouds. We received photos of this phenomenon on Kontakt 24.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday, silver clouds were visible in parts of the country. On Contact 24 we received beautiful photos of the phenomenon from Warsaw (Masovian Voivodeship) and Tychy (Silesian Voivodeship).

Noctilucent clouds – how do they form?

Noctilucent clouds are mesospheric clouds – the highest clouds that can be seen from the Earth's surface. The conditions favorable for their observation occur in late spring and summer around dusk or dawn, when the sun is 6 to 16 degrees below the horizon. In the case of the northern hemisphere, the period of their observation begins in mid-May and lasts until the end of August.

The best chance of seeing clouds is to go to less populated areas. Then, the observations will not be disturbed by city lights, house lights or billboards. It is also worth making sure that the view is not blocked by trees or other landscape elements. Clouds are visible to the naked eye.

Main image source: Ifka_st

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