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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The smallest and most expensive truffle in the world was sold

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A record-breaking small white truffle was sold for an exceptionally high sum at an auction in Italy’s Marche region, local media reported. This specimen weighs only 0.07 grams and its price was 140 euros, or 2 million euros per kilogram.

The highest price per kilo was recorded at an auction in Pergola. The truffle, considered the smallest in the world, was bought by a local trader, and its auction was the highlight of the 25th edition of the white truffle fair.

Dizzying prices

The unique “diamond” was weighed on a pharmacy scales. The auctioned sum exceeds the average prices of this noblest variety many times. This year it amounts to around EUR 4,000 per kilogram. Larger specimens, weighing more than 50 grams, cost 6,000 euros per kilogram.

This year’s prices are higher than in previous years, which is mainly explained by climate change and long periods without rainfall in recent months.

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There are hundreds of types of truffles, but the white ones are the most expensive and considered the tastiest. Connoisseurs call them “white gold”. These mushrooms appear in Italy from October to December.

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