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The son of MP Magdalena Filiks is dead. Politicians on the role of government media in revealing his data

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There is no doubt that the huge tragedy of the child, of the whole family, was used only to hit political opponents, assessed Paulina Hennig-Kloska from Poland 2050 in “Kawa na Ława”. Andrzej Zybertowicz, President’s advisor, admitted that “all the information that helping to identify the victims of a pedophile is a step too far.” Deputy Minister of Culture Jarosław Sellin from PiS stood up for the government media in connection with the tragic death of the teenage son of MP Magdalena Filiks.

Member of the Civic Coalition, Magdalena Filiks, announced the death of her son, Mikołaj, in early March. The boy was 15 years old, he committed suicide. The teenager was the victim of a pedophile.

It is impossible to unequivocally judge the reasons for taking one’s own life, the investigation into the death of the 15-year-old is being conducted by the Szczecin prosecutor’s office. According to the head of the state commission on pedophiles, Błażej Kmieciak, at the turn of the year, the government media led to the identification of the MP’s son as a victim of a convicted pedophile. Three weeks before his death, the head of the National Broadcasting Council, Maciej Świrski, initiated proceedings to punish Radio Szczecin and TVP Info in connection with “the emission of content enabling the identification of pedophile victims, which glaringly threatened the well-being of minor victims of violence.”

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Pedophile Krzysztof F. was convicted of pedophilia in 2021 and put behind bars. The case is therefore not new, the media did not inform about it before, because the trial was held in public for the sake of the harmed children. Krzysztof F. worked as a proxy of the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Olgierd Geblewicz, for addiction issues. Geblewicz is a member AFTER.

On Sunday, the guests of “Kawa na Ława” on TVN24 talked about the tragic death of a teenager and the role of the government media in disclosing his personal data.

Sellin stands up for the government media

Deputy Minister of Culture Jarosław Sellin z PIS repeated the narrative of the government media, which since the day of the teenager’s funeral have been trying to shrug off responsibility and accuse others of disclosing the personal details of the pedophile victim. – The editor of Radio Szczecin informed that a sexual predator had been detected in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, that it was politically linked to a specific environment and only informed that the victims were the children of a well-known parliamentarian – said Sellin.

– It means that he said that this is the child of one of 156 women in Poland. We have so many female parliamentarians in Poland. Only later did politicians and other media begin to identify in more detail who it was about, he argued.

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Grabiec: the files containing sensitive data could only be leaked from the prosecutor’s office

Jan Grabiec, spokesman for the Civic Platform, said that “an unprecedented, unprecedented thing has happened.” – Public media, radio, television, activists of the ruling party, including ministers, using data that should be confidential and should remain in court registers about a child, a victim of a pedophile, carried out a hate campaign against Magda Filiks – he said. She is, he added, “an opposition politician who has repeatedly pointed to scandals, crimes and abuses by the authorities.”

– Especially in the State Forests, which are the prey of Solidarna Polska. This is the part of the PiS club for which the prosecutor general is responsible Zbigniew Ziobro. Please draw conclusions. Magda Filiks has been investigating abuses in the State Forests very intensively in recent months, the PO spokesman added.

He stated that “the files containing sensitive data could only be leaked from the prosecutor’s office.” – Two weeks before the disclosure of the data of Magda Filiks and their children (MP) she was at a committee meeting in the Sejm, where Zbigniew Ziobro was also present. She spoke about financial abuses in the State Forests and about the damage Zbigniew Ziobro and his party are doing to Poland. I saw Ziobro blush and, by a strange coincidence, his prosecutor’s office, his colleagues, officers who work with him politically reveal the child’s details two weeks later – said Grabiec.

Zybertowicz: information that helps to determine the victims of a pedophile is a step too far

Presidential adviser Andrzej Zybertowicz admitted that “all the information that helps to determine the victims of a pedophile is a step too far.” – If certain journalists or anyone else provided redundant information that makes it possible to identify the victims of a pedophile, he acted reprehensibly and if it is against the law, it is a crime – he pointed out.

– The second, separate issue is to determine the causal link between this irresponsible behavior of people who revealed information allowing to determine the children’s mother and the fact of suicide. This causation doesn’t have to be that simple, the presidential aide said.

– In the background there is the trauma of pedophilia, but in the background there is also – I would not like to develop this thread – the behavior of the mother of the boy who died – said Zybertowicz.

Zgorzelski: Disgrace and meanness. Yes, it should be stated

– The word “sorry” should come from those who are responsible for this hate and hate factory, which is called public television for some reason – said Piotr Zgorzelski, deputy speaker of the Sejm from PSL.

“We know what it is, we know what it was like. The coincidence of events is obvious and unambiguous. It can only be summed up in two words: disgrace and meanness. That’s how it should be spelled out,” he stressed.

Hennig-Kloska: the huge tragedy of the child was used to hit political opponents

Paulina Hennig-Kloska from Poland 2050 said that “there is no doubt that the huge tragedy of the child, the whole family, siblings, mother, was used only to hit political opponents.”

– Today, the family most needs silence around this topic, not a campaign by the public media. And (needs) the truth. He deserves the truth, she said.

Black: This is just disgusting

Vladimir Czarzasty, deputy speaker of the Sejm from the Left, assessed that “all this is very disgusting, simply disgusting.” – What have you led to when it comes to public media? To death, because after all, at some point this kid started getting questions: “And what did he do to you? Where was it? And how did he touch you? Tell us.” After all, this is how children are, this is the world – he said.

– Once it was with (the murdered mayor of Gdańsk Paweł) Adamowicz. You then played a whole symphony of disgusting hate in the public media. Then you caused the kid’s death. What do you do with (Donald) Tusk? This is disgusting. He is not from my party, but he is a human being – mentioned Czarzasty.

“Nobody will apologize for that, they won’t apologize for that because they would admit their fault. The people who did this have to do something with themselves in their soul. It’s just an abomination,” he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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