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The south of the country with weather difficulties. Flooding, flooded streets, broken trees. Storms and downpours in Poland

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The southern regions of the country are experiencing heavy downpours and thunderstorms on Friday. The rain caused major traffic jams. Firefighters from Wrocław receive information about flooded houses and basements.

Thunderstorms are moving through the country on Friday. According to the information provided by tvnmeteo.pl weather forecaster Artur Chrzanowski, the phenomena have a moderate and quite strong intensity. They are accompanied by more intense rainfall and gusty winds.

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Stormy Friday

The lightning strikes are most severe in the south of the country. 26 interventions were recorded in Lower Silesia. According to the Press Officer of the Lower Silesian Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service, Magdalena Cwynar, all of them were recorded in the Wrocław poviat. She added that the recorded events are mainly flooded basements and properties, and there is no single cluster of these events, as they are single throughout the county. Despite the downpours, no one was injured.

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Downpour in WroclawTVN24

Downpour in WroclawTVN24

A flooded road in the Opole region

It also rained more intensively in the Opole region. In the village of Wawrzyńcowice (krapkowice poviat), water flowed from the fields onto the road. As a result, the road was impassable for a while. Three units of the Volunteer Fire Department arrived at the scene. Water has not reached the farms, and the situation has already been brought under control.

According to the state at 15 There were 28 interventions across the region. Most activities – 18 – were carried out in the Głubczyce poviat (18). The reports were related to flooding of roads, properties and cellars, broken trees and local flooding caused by blocked drainage ditches.

Flooding in Wawrzyńcowice (Opolskie Voivodeship)TVN24

Difficulties in Silesia

Due to the weather, there were also difficulties on the national road No. 44, and more specifically on the section Gliwice – Tychy (Silesian Voivodeship). The slip road of dk 44 with dk 81 towards Katowice. As reported Yaroslav Kowalczyk from the Road Information Point of the GDDKiA Headquarters, the police introduced manual regulation at the intersection, maintaining passability in the direction of Gliwice – Katowice.

In turn, in Katowice, the tunnel at ul. Roździeński. Road flooding also occurs in Sosnowiecwhere it rains all the time. However, as the duty officer of the Provincial Rescue Coordination Post reported, as of 16, there are no serious human incidents.

The services warn

The most important Polish services warn against dangerous weather and its consequences. Experts from the Government Security Center (RCB) sent an SMS to part of the country RCB alert. The communiqué stated that due to heavy rainfall, flooding of rivers and local flooding may occur.

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The forecasters of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management also warn against the weather – specifically, thunderstorms with hail and heat. The aura is supposed to be so dangerous in places that it was necessary to issue a second-level alert.

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Downpour in WroclawTVN24

Downpour in WroclawTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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