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Monday, September 27, 2021

The spotted salamanders have started their mating season. “It’s not hard to meet them while hiking in the woods”

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The spotted salamanders, which inhabit the humid deciduous forests of the Bieszczady and the Low Beskids, started their mating season earlier than usual.

According to the spokesman of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Krosno – Edward Marszałek, the last intense rainfall activated spotted salamanders and accelerated the mating season traditionally falling in mid-September in this species.

– It is not difficult to meet them while hiking in the forest – said the Marshal.

The largest tailed amphibians in Poland, noted the spokesman, prefer to move in a wet and humid environment. Their activity during the mating season means that they can be easily found in the wet deciduous forests of the Bieszczady and Low Beskids.

Fire salamander. Is it poisonous

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However, the spokesman for the State Forests in Krosno warns against touching a salamander. – The substances secreted in the skin of the amphibian can cause problems. Wiping the eyes with the hand that touched the salamander is particularly dangerous to health, emphasized the forester.

The mating season of the spotted salamanders has begunShutterstock

Spotted salamander body length (The salamander salamander) reaches 25 centimeters. Her body is black and shiny, covered with yellow or orange spots. Coloration is very variable, no two animals with the same pattern of spots on the body are found. These amphibians feed on earthworms, snails, and caterpillars, among others. They live in water for the first three months, then, transformed, they come ashore. They reach sexual maturity after three or four years. In the wild, they live up to ten years.

Fire salamander. Occurrence

They are common animals in the countries of Central and Southern Europe. In Poland, they are most often found in the Carpathians and Sudetes, and are protected by species.

An ever-increasing list of endangered speciesPAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

Main photo source: Shutterstock

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