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The Starship rocket will fly for the fourth time. SpaceX announced the date

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Starship, the most powerful rocket in the world, is waiting for its fourth test flight. It is scheduled to take place in about two weeks, said Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, the company that constructed the spacecraft.

During the last test flight, March 14, the rocket reached beyond the conventional boundary of outer space, performed a number of previously planned activities (for example, opening the payload hatch), but was destroyed during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. Entering the atmosphere is one of the most dangerous moments. Huge forces act on the vehicle and it heats up to enormous temperatures.

Starship will fly for the fourth time

SpaceX has just conducted a so-called wet test of the rocket, filling the tanks with fuel (liquid methane) and oxidizer, i.e. liquid oxygen. “The test before the fourth launch has been completed,” SpaceX announced on the X website.

This time, the company's main goal was to overcome the point at which the vehicle heats up the most during its return to Earth. As announced by Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, the test flight will be performed in about two weeks.

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In April 2023, during its first flight, the rocket began rotating uncontrollably four minutes after launch, and engineers decided to detonate it. In November of the same year, another test flight took place, during which the ship crossed the border space and both stages detached, which had failed a few months earlier, but shortly afterwards the first stage of the rocket exploded.

SpaceX considers both of these attempts to be a great success – the rockets flew, and the analysis of the causes of the disasters allowed them to find and eliminate weak points in the structure.

The most powerful rocket

Starship is the largest rocket ever built. Its first stage is 70 meters long and is powered by 33 Raptor engines. In total, they generate twice as much power as the propulsion of the Saturn V rocket used in the Apollo program. The second stage, which is intended for space flight, is as much as 50 m high. It is powered by six Raptor engines, three of which are used to move in space. The vehicle will carry as much as 150 tons of cargo to low Earth orbit, which is more than seven times as much as the Ariane launch vehicle. Its great advantage, like other SpaceX rockets, is its reusability. In addition, it can take off and land in various places – at the SpaceX spaceport, at the John F. Kennedy Space Center and on special ocean vessels.

According to many experts, Starship can revolutionize access to orbit and open the way to further areas of space.

Main photo source: Twitter/SpaceX

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