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The storms came from an unexpected direction. Flash floods in Paris

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The end of the weekend brought very violent weather to France. On Sunday evening, some regions experienced short-lived but very strong thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail. The weather caused flash floods in Paris.

For the past three weeks, France has enjoyed sunny and warm weather. However, over the weekend, things changed drastically. On Sunday evening, some southern regions and the capital of the country were under water as flash floods occurred due to heavy storms. Some streets were completely flooded.

Flash flood in ParisENEX

From an unexpected side

According to French media, the most intense rainfall occurred around 9 pm. The local meteorological service reported that up to 20 liters of water per square meter fell in just 10 minutes. The downpours were accompanied by local hailstorms.

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The media also reported that storms took the weather experts by surprise as they came from an unexpected direction. “Storms usually move from west to east, but sometimes they come from a surprising direction. This was the case on Sunday when some of the phenomena, including the one that hit Paris, came from the east,” it was reported.

The security services had their hands full. “Due to the large number of reports related to bad weather, we ask you not to occupy the emergency lines unnecessarily. We also ask you to be careful,” the Paris fire brigade appealed on social media.

Flash flood in ParisENEX

Not only Paris

The violent weather also took its toll in the departments adjacent to the Ile-de-France. In Hauts-de-Seine, one of the tunnels was partially flooded. At least one road in the commune of Noisy-le-sec was also closed due to the difficulties.

Dangerous phenomena have also appeared in some southern cities. Toulouse was also flooded by storms. Some streets and metro stations were flooded. Flash flooding was also reported in some districts of Lyon.

Flash flood in ParisENEX

The weather can still be dynamic

Meteorologists from Paris reported that the storms that passed over the French capital quickly lost their intensity. Several dozen minutes after they “spilled” in the capital of the country, there was no trace of them.

Meteorologists expect the return of dangerous aura. Level 1 alerts are in effect for most of the country on Monday for lightning, as well as possible flooding.

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Main photo source: ENEX

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