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The storms in the Czech Republic went differently than expected

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Storms swept through the western and northern part of the Czech Republic on Friday. The phenomena were accompanied by strong winds that snapped branches and damaged buildings. In places, 35 liters of rain per square meter fell in 20 minutes. But that’s not what the meteorologists expected.

The storms passed through the Czech Republic on Friday. Regions such as Karlovy Vary and Ústí nad Labem experienced the strongest lightning strikes. The heaviest rainfall was recorded on the top of Klínovc located in the Rudawy range – 51 liters of water fell there per square meter, of which 35 l/sq m. in just 20 minutes.

Petr Poncar, spokesman for the Plzeň region fire department, said the situation was not as dramatic as they had expected.

– We received 60 calls regarding damage related to storms he said.

Not as strong as predicted

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To the surprise of meteorologists, the storms were much weaker than their models predicted. Experts are now carefully examining the factors that led to the discrepancy in the forecasts. They believe that the strength of the storms was the result of the speed of the phenomena, as well as the distances they covered and the terrain.

– This is probably due to the fact that the storms reached our territory a few hours later than expected. It seems that the storm cloud containment layer was stronger than we predicted. If these storms had come a few hours earlier, we think they would have had much more energy and their impact would have been much greater, said Michaela Valachová, a meteorologist at the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. She added that the strength of the storms could also be influenced by dust suspended in the atmosphere.

“It’s always better to warn people of a dangerous situation than not to issue warnings and then deal with the fact that something happened to them because they weren’t prepared,” said Martin Štros, a meteorologist at the Czech portal Meteocentrum.

A storm front also passed through Germany, especially the north-western part. Here, precipitation sums in many places exceeded 50 l/sq m, and locally even 80 l/sq m.

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