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The streets turned into lakes, cars got stuck. Flooded houses and properties after storms in Poland. Hundreds of guard interventions [ZDJĘCIA]

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Firefighters intervened more than 700 times across the country in connection with Sunday's storms. As a result of heavy rainfall in Ełk, several streets and cars were under water. In Kędzierzyn-Koźle, the Emergency Department of the district hospital was flooded. A heavy downpour also hit Kościelna Wieś in Greater Poland, causing flooding of houses. In some regions, the beginnings of tornadoes were observed in the sky.

Sunday was another day with violent weather phenomena in many regions of the country. They had been passing through Poland since the morning storms.

According to the spokesman of the Headquarters of the State Fire Service, Karol Kierzkowski, by 9 p.m. firefighters recorded 713 weather-related reports. Most incidents occurred in the following voivodeships: Wielkopolskie – 197, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship – 102, Masovian Voivodeship – 83 and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship – 79. The spokesman of the State Fire Service Headquarters explained that the activities of firefighters consist mainly in pumping out water in connection with local flooding and removing the effects of strong winds. .

Flooded streets and cars in Ełk

Due to the downpour that passed over in the late afternoon Ełk (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) on several streets and under viaducts throughout the city, water accumulating made traffic difficult and in some places reached the upper edges of car wheels.

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By the evening, firefighters had carried out over 60 interventions. – We operate in the field all the time, we travel from point to point, we pump water from flooded basements and garages. We are trying to get it under control somehow, said junior captain Hubert Zawistowski from the Ełk fire brigade on Sunday evening.

Flooded Wawelska Street in EłkRozmaitości Ełckie/Gazeta Olsztyńska

The heavy rainfall lasted less than half an hour. The storm sewer system was unable to collect such large amounts of rainwater. In addition to professional firefighters from Ełk, nearby units of the Volunteer Fire Department are working to remove the effects of the downpour.

One meter of water after a downpour in a village in Greater Poland

A powerful downpour passed through the town of Kościelna Wieś (Greater Poland Voivodeship) on Sunday morning. Four streets were flooded. The most water, up to a depth of one meter, accumulated on the street. Strumykowa, which is the lowest situated in Kościelna Wieś. – All the water started accumulating on this street. Fortunately, the houses are located higher, so they were not flooded – Junior Capt. Artur Burchacki from the press office of the Pleszew fire brigade.

Flooding also occurred on the following streets: Ostrowska, Poznańska and Krótka. Several houses, farm buildings and a warehouse of one of the companies were flooded.

Road under water in Kościelna WieśJakub Garczrek/OSP Kuchary

16 fire brigade units equipped with high-performance pumps arrived at the site. One hundred firefighters took part in rescue operations. – The rainfall was so intense that at one point 60 liters fell per hour – added Burchacki.

– There was a downpour, it stopped raining, it wasn't that bad. (…) But when it started raining for the second time, the water came so much that it was impossible – said Mr. Florian Hyla, a resident of the flooded property, in an interview with TVN24.

Flooding in Kościelna Wieś (Greater Poland Voivodeship)

Flooding in Kościelna Wieś (Greater Poland Voivodeship)TVN24

Flooded hospital in Kędzierzyn-Koźle

The downpour that passed over Kędzierzyn-Koźle (Opole Voivodeship) flooded the Emergency Department of the district hospital and the rooms where night and holiday health care is provided. Patient admissions have been temporarily suspended. Patients were urged to seek help in other facilities.

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Seeds of whirlwinds

On Sunday, condensation funnels, i.e. the beginnings of tornadoes, could be observed in the sky in several parts of the country. One of them appeared in the commune of Błędów near Grójec (Masovian Voivodeship), and the other in the town of Kępniewo (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). The whirlwind seed was also seen in in Warsaw.

You can read more about the effects of the storm in Warsaw at tvnwarszawa.pl

Condensation funnel in Warsaw Storm Watcher Network/Nexeve

Condensation funnel in the commune of Błędów near GrójecMichał Pietrzak/Polish Storm Hunters

Condensation funnel in KępniewoStorm Watcher Network/Wioleta

Main photo source: Rozmaitości Ełckie/Gazeta Olsztyńska

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