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The student corrected Vladimir Putin in an open lesson

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Vladimir Putin gave an open lesson to students in Vladivostok on the occasion of the start of the school year, confusing two wars fought by Russia in the 17th and 18th centuries. One of the students corrected the president and heard praise from him. The school principal pointed out to the boy, however, “lack of modesty”.

The Russian president met on Wednesday in Vladivostok with students from various schools, mainly winners of olympics and competitions. During a discussion on history, he mentioned Tsar Peter the Great and his fights with the Swedes during the Seven Years’ War. Immediately afterwards, a student from Vorkuta, Nikanor Tolstych, took the floor, to whose question Putin was answering. The boy corrected the president – he reminded that it was about the Northern War, which lasted 21 years. Putin admitted that he was wrong and thanked him for the correction.


The fact that the student pointed out the error to the president was reported by the national media, after which the headmaster of the school in Vorkuta Julia Ryabtseva, where the boy is studying, commented on the event. She regretted the fact that only with the passing of years the understanding that “you have to be modest” appears in man and that the boy’s behavior is based on a young age in which he has not yet had the experience of “communing with people with a social position”.

Putin’s open lesson SERGEI BOBYLEV / PAP / EPA

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– My age would not allow me to do this in contacts with the president – said Rabtseva. – Our boy is obviously a star, he is good – it is clear. Takes an active civic position. But modesty should be so as not to correct Vladimir Vladimirovich, among others. However, we are beginning to understand it over the years – added the director.

The boy’s teacher is of the opposite opinion, who called her pupil “outspoken”. In her opinion, other participants in the discussion with Putin either lacked knowledge or lacked courage. However, she also admitted that she herself probably would not have reproached the president for a mistake.

Putin squeezed by one of his students (not Nikanor Tolstych)SERGEI BOBYLEV / PAP / EPA

Ethics lesson after history lesson

The daily “Kommersant”, commenting on this event, wrote that “Tołstych probably did not want to say it, clearly understanding who he was improving and what ethics lesson he would receive from his teachers after the history lesson”.

“But Nikanor also couldn’t help himself. As an honest man. He just couldn’t help himself. And it so happened that he became the first to publicly correct Vladimir Putin, with the maximum, without exaggeration, the presence of people (an open lesson was broadcast on live on TV Rossija 24) Over the past 20 years there have probably been many applicants, but only Nikanor Tolstych has become, “Kommersant reported.

PAP, Radio Swoboda, Kommersant

Main photo source: SERGEI BOBYLEV / PAP / EPA

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