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The summit in Brussels and funds for Ukraine. Tusk: Orban remained alone on the battlefield, he is the only such openly anti-Ukrainian politician

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Viktor Orban remained alone on the battlefield, he is the only such openly anti-Ukrainian politician, said the head of the Polish government, Donald Tusk, on Tuesday about the Hungarian prime minister. – Hungary also has an interest in Ukraine defending itself, said Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski. Politicians were asked about Thursday’s summit in Brussels regarding financial aid for Ukraine and how Orban would behave then.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk was asked at Tuesday’s press conference about the upcoming summit in Brussels, which is to be devoted to financial aid for Ukraine. – As you know, this is a special summit and it will be dedicated, people will be focused on how to help Ukraine – said the head of government.

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He pointed out that a lot had changed in Europe since the outbreak of the war Russia attacked Ukraine. – (Prime Minister Hungarian – ed.) Viktor Orbán he remained alone on the battlefield, he is the only such openly anti-Ukrainian politician. But after my meetings in Kiev, I can say that Kiev will also try to talk to Budapest with some hope of reaching some kind of consensus or agreement, Tusk emphasized.

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The Prime Minister said that he would talk to the Prime Minister on Wednesday before flying to Brussels Slovakia Robert Fico. – Prime Minister Fico communicated various, even skeptical, messages regarding support for Ukraine, but he acted in solidarity at the European Council itself. I will also talk to him again. It seems that it is also in Slovakia’s interest not to be in the political, but also – I would say – somewhat moral – car, such as Viktor Orban with his pro-Putin rhetoric – emphasized the head of government.

Tusk: one way or another, we will find a solution, with Orban or without

– There are many things that require debate and analysis, and everyone in Europe has the right to analyze what is profitable for him and what is not profitable for him. But when it comes to supporting Ukraine in this war effort against Russia, which has invaded it and which poses a threat to all of Europe, we must all be on one side, and whoever is on the other side is – in my opinion – mutually exclusive – de facto – from Europe – Tusk pointed out.

Donald TuskRafał Guz/PAP

He pointed out that the determination is very high. – I have never seen such clear and uniform determination on any issue as at this moment to increase military and financial assistance for Ukraine during the war with Russia, and Viktor Orban will certainly face a very difficult test – said the Prime Minister.

He added that “everything indicates that one way or another we will find some solution, with or without Orban, to support Ukraine, but it would be better if the unity of Europe was preserved in this process and we are working on it.”

Sikorski: Hungary also has an interest in Ukraine defending itself

During the joint press conference of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski and his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock, the question was asked, among others: about the chances that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will unlock macro-financial assistance for Ukraine during the special EU summit in Brussels that starts on Thursday.

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Sikorski pointed out that during the January summit in Davos, Hungarian President Katalin Novak stated that “(Vladimir – ed.) Putin cannot win this war.” – If Putin is not to win this war, Ukraine must receive funds for defense, so we take the Hungarian leadership at its word – said the leader. Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He pointed out that in recent days, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Ukraine for the first time Peter Szijjarto. – As I understand it, all issues related to the rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine have been resolved, so Hungary also has an interest in Ukraine defending itself so that its minority can enjoy its rights. So I hope that Hungary will vote on this matter like the rest of the European Union, Sikorski said.

Press conference of the heads of diplomacy of Poland and GermanyPAP/Albert Zawada

– Not only the federal government is actively working on this, but also all 26 European Union countries, because it is not only about the safety of Ukrainians, but also the security of Europe – she said. Annalena Baerbock. As she noted, “this is not just a matter of solidarity with Ukraine, but it is reinsurance, life insurance for Europe.” – All European countries should work on this – she noted.

Two days before a special EU summit in Brussels, Hungary continues to block macro-financial assistance to Ukraine. Attempts to reach an agreement with the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, are underway – according to PAP information. An alternative option is an agreement among the 26 EU countries, but – as EU diplomats point out – although technically feasible, it is politically difficult.

Main photo source: OLIVIER MATTHYS/PAP

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