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The Supreme Court annulled the discontinuation of the case of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik. Comments of politicians

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On Tuesday, the Supreme Court annulled the discontinuation of the case of Mariusz Kamiński and other former heads of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, including Maciej Wąsik. Krzysztof Gawkowski from the Left stated that Kamiński and Wąsik “should be expelled from the government”. PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek said Tuesday’s decision was “an open subversion of the Supreme Court” which “has no legal basis”.

Supreme Court annulled the discontinuation of the case of Mariusz Kamiński and other former heads of the CBA. The case was remitted to the regional court for re-examination. Politicians commented on the decision.

Maciej Wąsik and Mariusz Kamiński in the parliamentary benchesTomasz Jastrzebowski/REPORTER/EastNews

Gawkowski: Kamiński and Wąsik should be expelled from the government

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– After eight years, justice is coming, which, with the expression of the Supreme Court, shows that Mr. Wąsik and Mr. Kaminski broke the law. And the president broke the most of this law Andrzej Dudawho had no right to pardons. He had no right because the proceedings had not been closed, Krzysztof Gawkowski, the head of the Left club, said at the conference.

He stated that “the president has made his actions illegal” and “this is how today’s decision should be treated.” – Mr Wąsik and Mr Kaminski should be expelled from the government. There is no place in government for politicians who have a record of convictions. Until the second instance speaks, Mr. Kaminski and Mr. Wąsik have no right to be members of the government. This is a shame for Europe. Politically unjustified, and so socially and morally very false in relation to every citizen – assessed Gawkowski.

Lubnauer: It was the president who made the matter easier for the Supreme Court

Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition said that “The president made the matter easier for the Supreme Court the most, because when he pardoned those who were not convicted, he said that he wanted to relieve the court of its tasks”. – If he wanted to take over the court, then Supreme Court replied that the president could not replace the court, and the judgment of the Court of Julia Przyłębska had only culinary value – she assessed.

Kwiatkowski: The Supreme Court stated the obvious obviousness

Independent senator Krzysztof Kwiatkowski said that “the Supreme Court stated the obvious.” – In this particular case, it overturned this decision and referred it for reconsideration. But why? An act of clemency is an act of clemency from a final judgment. Mr. Wąsik and Mr. Kamiński were not legally convicted – the senator explained.

– Has the Supreme Court undermined the prerogatives of the Constitutional Tribunal? Absolutely not. Let me remind you that in the Supreme Court this case was decided by duly appointed judges, and in the so-called Constitutional Tribunal – double judges, usurpers dressed in gowns. This is the difference. Now we have a decision of a properly appointed body with properly appointed judges within the framework of correctly defined competences – he stated.

Kwiatkowski: The Supreme Court stated the obvious obviousnessTVN24

The Loaf: An Outright Subversion of the Supreme Court

The Law and Justice spokesman said that this was “a clear subversion of the Supreme Court and an anti-constitutional act that is intended to lead to complete legal chaos.” – There is no legal basis in this action of the Supreme Court. There is a clear declaration of the Constitutional Tribunal on this matter, therefore the case is already settled – said the spokesman PIS.

According to Bochenek, the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling is binding, so “it binds all courts in our justice system and the courts should take a stance on it and accept that this is the ruling and respect it.”

Presidential Minister: In our opinion, the act of clemency is a binding act

– Today’s Supreme Court ruling is astonishing. It was in absolute opposition not only to the legal status, confirmed by three rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal, said Presidential Minister Małgorzata Paprocka in an interview with PAP.

She stressed that the use of an act of pardon is the president’s prerogative. – This is a personal right, which directly means that no court has the right to control the exercise of the prerogative. This has been confirmed (…) by the rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal – she noted.

Markiewicz: The Supreme Court rose to the occasion.  He said the president is not above the law

Markiewicz: The Supreme Court rose to the occasion. He said the president is not above the lawTVN24

– In this context, one more very important information should be recalled – that is, that the doctrine of criminal law, a large part of it, including very serious authorities, clearly indicated that the right to apply the law of pardon also includes what we call abolition, individual abolition, i.e. a pardon before a final judgment, Paprocka pointed out. According to the minister, “the ruling makes us ask the question, above all, about the legal basis for the Supreme Court’s operation.”

When asked whether the president would speak on the matter or plan any actions, she replied that first of all, we had to wait for the written position of the Supreme Court. – Sure the office of President will consider possible next steps. However, in the opinion of the Chancellery of the President, the act of clemency applied to Minister Kamiński and other persons, which is confirmed by the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Tribunal, is a valid act, said the minister.

Main photo source: Tomasz Jastrzebowski/REPORTER/EastNews

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