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The tallest tree in Poland. Where it grows. How much is he tall

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The State Forests chose the new tallest tree in Poland. It is Douglas fir from the Bardo Forest District. It is a 20-story building, 120 years old, and has a crown span of 12 meters.

The State Forests announced that a new tallest tree in Poland has been found. A record-high tree grows in the Bardo Forest District (Regional Directorate of State Forests in Wrocław).

It is an approximately 120-year-old Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), the height of which is 59.40 meters. The DBH circumference of the trunk (i.e. the circumference at a height of 130 centimeters) is 349 cm, and the crown span is as much as 12 meters.

Tree Map

The tallest tree was found thanks to the latest technology. Thanks to the data obtained from the aerial ceiling, the MGGP AERO company from Tarnów has developed the National Map of Tree Crowns.

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During the development of the National Tree Crown Map, it turned out that the tallest Polish tree can grow in the Sudetes, in the region of the Bardzkie Mountains. In the next stage, it was necessary to confirm the guesswork in the field. After careful measurements, it turned out that the selected Douglas fir grows among trees that are slightly lower, which may soon grow over it.

Field research

To make accurate calculations, you had to climb to the very top of the tree. A pole was placed there, from which information about the height was taken.

According to the first reading, the tree was 59.50 meters high. Then three more readings were made (which showed that Douglas fir is 59.20 m, 59.50 m and 59.40 m). To obtain the final result, the average of all calculations was taken. The obtained height of 59.40 m proves that the plant can be compared to a building with a height of 20 floors.

The research showed that the highest Douglas fir is in excellent condition and there are no signs of disease.

Daglezja from the Sudetes broke the record of the tallest tree in Poland so far. Previously, the first place on the podium belonged to the tree of the same species, but from the region of the Ujsoła Forest District in the Beskid Żywiecki. In September last year, it was estimated at 58.20 m.

The tallest tree in Poland – Douglas fir from the Bardo Forest DistrictNational forests

Main photo source: National forests

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