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The tax.gov.pl website did not work – failure. Hacker attack and website overload

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On Tuesday morning, the gov.gov.pl government website, where you can, among other things, settle PIT, was down. “This overload was the result of intentional DDoS activities leading to the generation of significant additional traffic on the website,” the press department of the Ministry of Finance informed TVN24 Biznes on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, a representative of the press department of the National Revenue Administration informed TVN24 Biznes that “there were problems with the website in the morning, but it happens because 20 million people settle PIT” and emphasized that “it was not a hacker attack”.

Overloading of the Taxpay.gov.pl website

“On February 28 this year, there were temporary difficulties in accessing the Tax.gov.pl website and they were related to website overload. After a detailed analysis, we can confirm that this overload was the result of intentional DDoS activities leading to the generation of significant additional traffic on the website” – TVN24 Biznes informed the press department of the Ministry of Finance.

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The ministry noted that “there is no question of data leakage” and “taxpayers’ data as well as the use of our services is safe.”

The rmf24.pl website reported on Tuesday that the site biznes.gov.pl had been blocked by cybercriminals. It was reported that for several days, especially on Russian portals and messengers, cybercriminals were persuading themselves to attack Polish websites.

– The Russians were responsible for yesterday’s attack. We have information that makes it very likely that this is the adversary. This is the activity of the Russian secret services, said the government plenipotentiary for cybersecurity on Wednesday Janusz Cieszyński in Polsat News.

He explained that the attack was to generate a lot of artificial traffic on the portal. He explained that in such a situation “in order to prevent problems, this traffic is blocked from many directions and at the very beginning, when these blockades are implemented, real traffic is also blocked.”

Taxes 2022 – you can settle from February 15

On Wednesday, February 15, the PIT settlement period for 2022 beganwhich will run until May 2. Settlement is possible via the Internet, e.g. using the Your e-PIT service. This is a service offered by the National Revenue Administration. In order to use it, you need to log in to the e-Tax Office, at the Taxpayer.gov.pl website, and select the Your e-PIT service. It consists in the automatic preparation and making available by the National Revenue Administration of the annual tax return of natural persons.

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Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

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