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The team for counteracting pedophilia at the Ministry of Justice has started work

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The team for counteracting sexual crimes against children has inaugurated work in the Ministry of Justice, announced the deputy head of the ministry, Marcin Romanowski. He added that the goal is to create a system that protects children harmed by both relatives and strangers.

Romanowski, who chairs the work of the team, noted that the effects of the team’s work should be expected by the end of 2022, and the implementation of these effects “will take place, among others, through legislative solutions.”

– Work will take place in thematic groups. The whole thing will be coordinated so that all activities are coherent and complement each other. We are after the first meeting. We are currently establishing the final composition of the thematic groups. By December 20, we are going to develop a “diagnosis” and identify the needs (…), that is, to reliably establish the current state of affairs in Poland, and then get down to work – said the deputy minister.

The team was established at the end of September by order of the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobra. Its members included employees of the Ministry of Justice, including delegated judges and employees of the Civil Service, representatives of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Institute of Justice, the Prison Service, the University of Justice and the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution.


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Goals of the team on preventing sexual crime against children

As stated in this document, the tasks of the team include the analysis of current solutions regarding the prevention of sexual crimes against children and the development of a national action plan to prevent such crimes and the development of legislative proposals in this area.

– The Ministry is of the opinion that the implementation of the assumed goals requires close cooperation also with external experts who have knowledge and experience in various areas, such as education, health protection, human rights, ICT security, digitization, tourist services, media and communication, support for people those at risk and harm, including foreigners, prosecution of perpetrators, the broadly understood administration of justice – emphasized Romanowski.

He added that undoubtedly, “the work must be carried out with the participation of experts from the scientific community.” That is why – as he added – representatives of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the ministries of health and education and science, NASK, the Police Headquarters, the Border Guard Headquarters, the Office of the Ombudsman for Children and scientists were also invited to cooperate.

– We turned to the State Commission on Pedophilia with the same proposal. We are glad that the invitations were accepted by them. This shows how important this problem is and how many people and entities want to solve it, assessed the deputy minister.

He said that it is about “creating a system that will protect children in the immediate environment – home and school, when children are harmed by loved ones, people they know, but also one that will protect them when they are harmed by strangers, not only when have personal contact with the offender, but also when it happens online. ” – We will also act in the area of ​​sexual exploitation of children in the context of human trafficking – Romanowski pointed out.

– We believe that cooperation in such an expert and committed group will allow us to achieve tangible results and develop a national action plan by the end of 2022, as well as build an effective system of protection of minors. The plan will be implemented, inter alia, through legislative solutions, said the deputy minister.

Moreover, according to the ministerial order, the chairman of the team is to present annual reports to the head of the Ministry of Justice – by 30 April each year.

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