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“The temperature will rise.” How long will the warmth stay with us?

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Poland found itself in a zone where warm air from the south-west reaches. Tomasz Wasilewski, presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, said that thanks to him, the temperature will continue to rise and next week it is possible that it will approach even 20 degrees Celsius.

Spring hasn’t arrived for everyone in Europe yet. As tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski told in the program “You get up and the weekend”, cold air masses from the north flowed far to the south and reached the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria and even northern Greece.

– In Sofia [stolicy Bułgarii – przyp. red.] it’s -5 degrees this morning, so it’s chilly here for this part of the continent, and for example in the far north of Scotland and the UK we have 8 degrees – said the presenter.

The temperature in Europe on Saturday morningtvnmeteo.pl

Two lows and highs

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He explained that two lows are responsible for such a temperature distribution, which also affect the weather in our country. One of the systems is located over Scandinavia, and the other over Great Britain. From the first comes a warm atmospheric front that follows the Baltic Sea and southern Scandinavia, bringing clouds and rainfall.

– Here, where there are lows and weather fronts, the weather is usually cloudier and rainy. One of these fronts touches north-western Poland and that is why we are forecasting light rainfall here today, Wasilewski said.

Many other regions of our country and part of Central Europe are affected by the high pressure above Russia.

Warm air from the south-west reaches the zone between lows and highs. It is to this that we owe the temperature of 15-16 degrees Celsius.

– On the other side of this high, cold air flows. And this is the explanation why it is such a cool morning in the Balkans and the temperature has dropped to -5 degrees, and in places in the higher areas even to -10 degrees. So this combination of these pressure centers makes warm air move to us, while cold air flows to Eastern and South-Eastern Europe – he said.

The bar situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

“Warm Corridor”

We can expect such a spring aura for at least the next few days.

– We found ourselves in a “warm corridor” and we will stay there for the next few days. The temperature will rise because there will be more warm air flowing from the south-west and it is very likely that next week the temperature in the center of the country will reach or exceed 15 degrees, and in the south it will approach 20 degrees. too high hopes, he concluded.

He added, however, that the predictions for next week are still probabilities, not certainties, as forecasts could still change.

You can watch the whole conversation with Tomasz Wasilewski here:

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in Poland and Europetvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Gzell/tvnmeteo.pl

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