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The third day of the Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2023. Great musical moments, a sea of ​​TV surprises

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Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2023 resounds from Monday at the famous Forest Opera. The third evening was filled with wonderful moments, because this is the title of the two-part concert. Not only musical surprises awaited the gathered audience and viewers of TVN.

This is the penultimate evening of this year’s Top of the Top Sopot Festival. Wednesday evening was held under the slogan #GREAT MOMENTS, or “great moments”. The most beautiful moments from the history of the festival so far were mentioned. But not only. During the concert, new products that will appear in the autumn program offer of TVN Warner Bros. were presented. discovery. The hosts of the third day of the festival were: Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak, Olivier Janiak, Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop.

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Top of the Top Sopot Festvial 2023. A sea of ​​musical stars

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The musical evening was divided into two parts. The former was subtitled “All Dimensions of Music”, the latter – “All Dimensions of Entertainment”. The concert was opened by Agnieszka Chylińska with the songs “There are more”, “Drań” and “Queen of Tears”.

Agnieszka ChylinskaPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

After Chylińska, the stage was taken over by Wiktor Dyduła, who started his musical career last year. The singer first sang his two hits “Koło fortuny” and “Pal devil!”. Then, in a duet with Małgorzata Ostrowska, he performed the legendary number “Meluzyna” in a completely new arrangement. The famous singer also sang “Gołębi fluff” from the album “Anatomy” by the Lombard group.

Wiktor Dyduła and Małgorzata OstrowskaPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

Emotions were heated by Reni Jusis, who celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of the album “Trans Misja” this year. It is from this album that the hits she sang at the Forest Opera come from. First, the song “Someday I will find you”, during which Kayah joined her, then “It’s Not Enough”. In the second issue, Mery Spolsky appeared on the stage.

Reni Jusis and KayahPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

After a short break, the Sopot stage was taken over by Nosowska with the song “Przytomna”, from her latest album “Degengrolada”. Then she sang the legendary number from the cult’s repertoire “Arahja”. Julia Wieniawa, on the other hand, sang “I don’t have to” and “Haunting”.

Julia WieniawaPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

The Sopot audience enthusiastically welcomed Urszula, who recalled her hits “Dandelions, kites, wind”, “Crack on the glass” and “Rocking horse”. After the famous singer, it’s time for the band Sorry Boys with the song “Moje darling”.

UrsulaPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

The first part of Wednesday’s concert was closed by Oskar Cyms with the song “Let them talk”.

Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2023. All dimensions of entertainment

The second part of the concert evening was opened by a fashion show attended by participants of “Top Model”.

After a short show heralding the new season of the program, Natalia Nykiel appeared on the stage, celebrating the tenth anniversary of her artistic career this year. The singer sang “Be big”, “Error”, the latest single “Bye Bye” and “Peace” from her second album.

Natalia NikielPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

Then, the Katowice group Feel, accompanied by the singer Clödie, performed their version of the immortal hit of the band Mr Zoob “Mine is this piece of floor” and their own hit “Show what you can do” from 2007.

feelPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

After the Katowice band, Martyna Wojciechowska appeared on stage in a dance setting.

Natalia Szroeder delighted with the performance of “Should I?” and a very interesting arrangement of “Voyage, Voyage” from the repertoire of Desireless.

Natalia SzroederPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

Natalia Kukulska sang songs from the beginning of her adult stage career – “Decymy” from 2003 and “W Bieg” from 1997.

Natalia KukulskaPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

Cuba Wojewódzki – “the owner of the most famous leather sofa in Poland”, as Wellman announced him – proudly entered the stage with important information. “King of TVN” invited viewers for a commercial break.

Kuba WojewódzkiPAP/Andrzej Jackowski

After the break, the host of the Polish edition of “Millionaires” – Hubert Urbański – appeared in front of the audience.

Ralph Kaminski was the first to sing in this part of the concert. The vocalist performed “Morze” and the famous song from the repertoire of Irena Santor “There are no wild beaches anymore”. He ended his performance with the piece “2009”.

Then Ewelina Lisowska sang the immortal hit of Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive”. After that, the Emo group – Patryk Kumór and Dominik Buczkowski – performed the song “Summer Rain”.

The concert was closed by an unusual duo – Kayah and Michał Szpak (as Jupiter) – in the song “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”.

Main photo source: PAP/Andrzej Jackowski

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