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The troubles of entrepreneurs. Next year, ZUS and health insurance premiums will increase significantly

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The increase in ZUS is coming, and it’s more than one. In 2024, entrepreneurs will pay almost PLN 2,000 a month. Because in addition to ZUS, there is also a health contribution. For small businesses, this news is a nightmare.

There are fewer tourists, and the costs of doing business for entrepreneurs are not falling – quite the opposite. You have to pay more for literally everything. From July 1, as announced, the minimum wage will be raised again. – I am very happy from the perspective of the other party, i.e. the employee, because I believe that they should earn more and we should earn more, but for me, as an entrepreneur, it means that I will have to raise prices – explains Emilia Andrzejewska, ” Maciejówka Habitat.

An increase in the minimum wage also means an increase in contributions. The so-called small ZUS for start-ups is associated with the minimum wage. Today, they pay a little over PLN 330 a month, and in a year they will pay over PLN 400. That’s an increase of one-fifth. – In the case of a small entrepreneur, additionally operating in the province, in a small town, where the purchasing power of the inhabitants is low, ZUS contributions may be a problem – believes Jeremi Mordasewicz, Confederation “Lewiatan”.

The deadly ZUS contributionTVN24

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burden for entrepreneurs

When we add the increase in the costs of semi-finished products, maintenance of the premises, heating and electricity to higher contributions and the increase in the minimum wage, things start to get bad. Hence the fear that the imposed increases will push people into the gray economy. – Some entrepreneurs will certainly run away from contracts, from ZUS, from insurance, from these things, because it will simply be too heavy to bear financially – explains Grażyna Milewska, “Zachodnia Cafe & Bistro”.

– One million, 300,000 people in Poland cannot afford to pay social security contributions. Even, as described by the spokesman for entrepreneurs, these people have their assets auctioned in order to pay their pension contributions – says Kamil Sobolewski, chief economist of Employers of Poland. As entrepreneurs remind, from January contributions will increase again, because they are related to the average salary. The average salary, according to budget forecasts, is to reach almost PLN 7,800 next year. The contribution to ZUS – and without health insurance – is to amount to almost PLN 1,600.

– For the sake of working people, for the sake of the middle class, we will do everything to ensure that Polish wages grow as quickly as possible – announced Mateusz Morawiecki. Just who is this middle class? Not only in the budget sector, wages on average grow much slower than the minimum wage. There are also growing concerns that many employees will begin to wonder about the sense of training, education, about the sense of engaging in what they do. – After the changes next year, 1/3 of people in Poland will earn the minimum wage – notes Kamil Sobolewski.

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