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The tunnel in Świnoujście will be opened this week with the participation of Kaczyński. Local government officials: the government did not give a zloty for his b

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On Friday, the voivode’s office invites you to the official opening of the tunnel in Świnoujście, for which residents and tourists have been waiting for decades. The event is to be held with pomp and the participation of Jarosław Kaczyński, head of Law and Justice. Local government officials and the opposition believe that the ruling camp wants to boast about an investment with which it had little to do, because it was created thanks to the funds of the European Union and the local government.

The West Pomeranian Voivode Zbigniew Bogucki and the Mayor of Świnoujście, Janusz Żmurkiewicz, sent invitations to the media for the official opening of the tunnel between the islands of Uznam and Wolin in Świnoujście. It will take place next Friday at noon.

The ceremony will be attended by representatives of the government of the Republic of Poland, including the Deputy Prime Minister and the head of the ruling party Jaroslaw Kaczynskias well as parliamentarians and European parliamentarians, local government officials, representatives of the European Commission.

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After the official part and numerous speeches, the tunnel will be open to the public. A run through the tunnel and a ride for cyclists have also been planned. In the evening you can drive through the tunnel normally.

The government gave zero zlotys

Representatives of the local government and the opposition spoke against this form of opening. In their opinion, the government side is trying to appropriate a success with which they have little to do.

– We want to deny that it was the government that financed the investment, which is so important for Świnoujście. This European Commission decided that 85 percent of this investment will be financed from EU funds, and 15 percent from the local government – said Elżbieta Jabłońska, president of the Świnoujście city council, during a press conference.

– Politicians PIS they come here and say that it is their great success, that they are connecting Poland, but the truth is completely different. The PiS government allocated zero zlotys from the state budget for this investment. And this is the truth about it – Arkadiusz Marchewka echoed her and reminded that it was the representatives of the power camp who called the European Union an “imaginary community”. – When it comes to a situation where you can show yourself with the success of an investment financed by the European Union, they come here to promote themselves – he added.

They’ve been waiting for him for decades

The tunnel between the islands of Uznam and Wolin is a very important investment. So far, in order to get to the city center and the seaside district, you had to use ferry crossings, to which – especially during holidays – long queues formed. The only alternative was a detour through Germany. Residents have been waiting for the tunnel for several decades.

The tunnel is the longest underwater crossing in Poland. Together with the access roads, it is almost 3.2 km long, and the underwater section itself is exactly 1,483.8 m. At its deepest point, it is about 38 m below the water level.

Drivers will be able to use one lane in each direction and two emergency lanes on the edge of one road. 110 cameras were installed in the tunnel and a sectional speed measurement, which was limited to 50 kilometers per hour. The journey will take approximately 2 minutes. The total investment cost is PLN 912,562,026.

Main photo source: Marcin Bielecki/PAP

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