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Monday, June 24, 2024

The turnout spot of Akcja Democracy shows what can happen if the European Union disappears

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“We will not give up Europe” – this is a spot prepared by Akcja Democracy, intended to encourage Poles to vote in the European Parliament elections on June 9. Its authors point out that Poland is safe only in a common and strong European Union.

The Democracy Action clip is intended to make us aware of how important the elections await us on June 9 and that security is at stake. We asked people who took part in the production of the clip about their opinion about the European Union and the elections to the European Parliament.

– For me, the European Community is a place where – together with other European communities – we can make decisions about the future of our continent. It is a chance to travel, to visit different countries, to learn about other cultures, and it is a community thanks to which there has been no war or armed conflict in its territory for years. It is a guarantor of our security and is also a place that cares about human rights, cares about the climate and does it in dialogue with citizens – said the man on the set of the clip.

– (The European Union – editor's note) is a place for people with different views and different ideas for their lives. You can develop, there is an Erasmus program for young people who want to study, who can go and study abroad – replied the girl taking part in the production of the clip. Why is it so important for young people to vote in the upcoming elections? – So that they can decide what kind of Europe they want, in what direction it should go and so that they do not wake up in a Europe dominated by populists – she said.

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Main photo source: Action Democracy

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