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The Turów mine. After the report of “Supervisor”, the Solidarity activist published the telephone number of the TVN24 journalist

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After the “Supervisor” report was broadcast on the Turów mine, Marek Dołkowski, an activist of the local trade union Solidarity, published the phone number of the journalist Michał Fuji, the author of the material. He called him “the deceitful reporter in the commie service” and urged him to “write him what you think.” – I am convinced that we touched the tip of the iceberg. Any such attempts to exert pressure do not impress us – commented Jarosław Jabrzyk, editor-in-chief of “Supervisor”.

It was broadcast on Saturday in “Superwizjer” report by Michał Fuji “System around Turnów”. The reporter analyzed, among other things, the activities of the local government in Bogatynia, where the mine is located. As part of the corruption scandal, the prosecutor’s office detained several dozen people within three years, including the mayor, city councilors and the president of the state energy company – most of them are prominent PiS activists. Fuja also showed how the conflict with the Czech Republic over the Turów mine is related to the corruption scandal in the local government and the mining disaster a few years ago.


The activist of “Solidarity” from Turów published the journalist’s issue

After the report was broadcast, Marek Dołkowski, vice-president of Solidarity operating in the Turów mine, posted an entry in social media in which he urged to hate the journalist “Supervisor”.

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“Michał Fuja is the perpetrator of the whole article looking for a sensation. A lying reporter on the commie service. Write to him what you think. The truth. The whole truth is around the clock;)” – he wrote and gave the journalist’s phone number.

Marek Dołkowski’s entry

“A scandal, exerting personal pressure, attempts to blackmail”

– This is a portrait of the trade union activity of a prominent Solidarity activist. These are the methods that the unions use – Jarosław Jabrzyk, the editor-in-chief of “Superwizjer”, commented on TVN24 on Monday.

He assessed that it was “a scandal, exerting personal pressure, attempts to blackmail”. – Here there is no substantive dispute about any right. Here there is a dictate under the slogan of the fight for independence that invalidates any substantive discussion. Who is discussing publicly about the future of the mine in Turów, about this contamination, about the Polish-Czech dispute? There is no discussion, it has been reduced because it is easier to push these matters into the background – he added.

He stressed that the journalists of “Supervisor” will continue the topic started in the material entitled “System around Turów”. – I am convinced that we touched the tip of the iceberg. The whole decoration that we are “fighting for Poland” in the case of Turów, to ensure that the corpses from the closet do not fall out. And there are a lot of them. We will be opening this wardrobe. We are not impressed by any such attempts to exert pressure, ‘said Jabrzyk.

Main photo source: TVN24

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